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Is 2K Teasing an Official Announcement of BioShock: The Collection?

The BioShock series of first-person shooters are set to get a current-gen remaster, dubbed BioShock: The Collection, if recent rumours are to be believed.A recent teaser on Twitter seems to suggest BioShock: The Collection is real and that publisher, 2K, plans to officially unveil the game soon.

When the Fear of Disappointment Hurts Bioshock's Replayability

The opportunity to re-explore Bioshock's underwater metropolis, in all its crumbling dystopian glory, should be exhilarating for someone with a sincere admiration for Irrational Games' masterpiece.It's not like I've never replayed the defining video games of my youth before.

When is a video game too long?

I am not one to usually moan about a video game being too long but in some cases, I make an exception.So, when is a video game too long?