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Battlefield will officially overtake Call of Duty this year

Each year, the latest Call of Duty installment is the top selling video game (unless there is a GTA game being released, all hail king Rockstar).Well, it could mean absolutely nothing and fans will still buy Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Battlefield 1 will have microtransactions

It happened with Star Wars: Battlefront, so would anyone expect otherwise from DICE and EA when Electronic Arts' fourth-quarter earnings report brought up the prospects of bringing micro and macro transactions to Battlefield 1?" - Andrew Wilson - Electronic Arts Inc.

Younger Audiences don't know about WW1 according to EA

Did World War 1 ever happen?According to EA, some people don't even know about it.

Even Battlefield 1 can't escape EA's dreaded micro-transactions

E3 is right around the corner, and Battlefield 1 is set to reveal new, highly anticipated information.The game will be going back to World War 1 and the early 1900’s, which is a breath of fresh air since there has been an abundance of current and futuristic era shooters.