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Tengi | UK Messaging App Tengi Goes Global

” “This launch allows our UK users to chat to their friends all over the world and also allows our international users to benefit from the same Tengi features,” continued Laycock.Outside the UK, US and India, other international users will now be able to download Tengi Lite.

Miitomo Had More Than 1.6 Million Downloads In First Four Days Of Release

We told you the other day that Miitomo was sitting at #1 on both the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play store, though no specific numbers were given for them at the time, except that the Google Play store had the very vague between 1-5 million downloads.6 million downloads over its first four days, which ranged from its launch on March 31 to April 3.

Skulpt Chisel delivers the hard truth about your muscle and fat levels

Design and features go hand-in-hand with the Skulpt Chisel.Let's put the Chisel into context quickly: it's actually Skulpt's second device.

Guild Wars 2 now has a companion app

Manage your Guild Wars 2 account with a new unofficial app now available to download from Google Play Available on Google Play, the Guild Wars 2 GW Sidekick app was released this week.The app is designed to help manage your account and you are able to track individual characters as well as your currency, bank, equipment, and inventory.

Unite LoL - The Tinder App for League of Legends

The app creator says "It's like Tinder or Grindr for League of Legends, but less of the Netflix and Chill and more solid team-building and friendships.The app creator describes it like this: The app primarily sorts other players by their location, finding the closest players first to match players in the same time zone.

Orie Enav Talks Sci Fi with His Geek Dating App: DragonFruit

Orie Enav: DragonFruit started as so many things do, with alcohol and board games.We got to talking about their adventures in dating and how hard it was for them as “geeky people”.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Getting a Companion App

A long time ago, on mobile devices far far away, Mass Effect 3 had a companion app called Datapad.Now it's Mass Effect: Andromeda's turn to get a similar app called Apex HQ.