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Gamers defeated quantum computer in their own games

Gamer defeated quantum computer in their own quantum tasks.Recently ScienceAtHome, a Danish team of scientists, game developers, designers and artists developed Quantum Moves, a game that lets gamers simulate quantum computing tasks.

5 Worst Game Logic Fail in Dating Sims

Although I have not played all dating sims, I have played enough to determine the pattern of most AI's behavior, structure and dialogue in generic dating sims.The AI that the player is dating doesn't know about the player having multiple relationships or just doesn't care about it.

How an AI Learns to Play Super Mario World Better Than You

If you're like me then you can vaguely recall playing one of your first games as a kid and it was likely a Mario Bros.It was a rookie move but I think i was six and had picked up my first game controller maybe 20 minutes prior so go easy on me.