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Release Date Confirmed for Stealth Adventure Shadwen

In less than two weeks, on May 17th, Finnish developers Frozenbyte release their epic stealth adventure Shadwen.The game will be available on PC, Linux, OS X, and PS4 and will have an introductory price of €14.

Shadow of the Eternals Teaser: A Shadow of a Good Game

Is it finally actually coming?Shadow of the Eternals is still in Development Hell with no real progress being made.

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Expansion Out Now

The image above clearly shows the architecture, countryside and other details within the downloadable content.The above image shows a majestic French / Italian-inspired vineyard and surrounding countryside, with the colour CD Projekt Red were striving for.

Oddworld Inhabitants Are up to Something

Yesterday, Oddworld Inhabitants released new details on their upcoming game Soulstorm.A supposed remake of Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, and it's breaking people's brains.

Fantasy Life: The Review

I have really enjoyed playing Fantasy Life.There are also so many different ways to play as you can focus on one career or many.

3 Things Horizon Zero Dawn Must Deliver on to Win Us Over

So, here are 3 things Horizon Zero Dawn must deliver on to win us over I am so excited to see what this game's story has to offer.Set in a post apocalyptic world where humanity lives like their cavemen ancestors, Horizon Zero Dawn is a novel take on the typical apocalyptic fare.

Indie Gaming On A Budget: Hollow Knight Or Night In The Woods?

So, you just got $20, and you're torn between buying two recent indie games, Night in the Woods or Hollow Knight.Overall, Night in the Woods is great if you're looking for a slower paced, story driven game to play.

Tokyo Dark: Exclusive Interview With Jon Williams of Cherrymochi

Recently, we spoke to Cherrymochi's creative director, Jon Williams, who has been absorbing the culture and atmosphere of Japan for some time.As to whether supernatural events are more literal or metaphorical in Tokyo Dark though, we're told to "wait and see.

Indiewatch: Gunman Taco Truck - Become a Post Apocalyptic Taco Master

In order for a game to be covered on Indiewatch, it must fit into the following criteria: This week we are taking a look at the post-apocalyptic roguelike action game, Gunman Taco Truck.And that is pretty much the plot for Gunman Taco Truck.

Retrowatch: Severance: Blade of Darkness -- The Dark Souls of 2001

This week we are taking a break from classic shooters and entering the medieval world of Severance: Blade of Darkness.The plot to Severance: Blade of Darkness is a bit messy and hard to follow.

Night in the Woods: The Mystery of Possum Springs

The bright colors and altogether the story line was very humanized and you really feel for the characters and the things they go through.They each have their own personal story and getting to know them is one of the best parts of Night in the Woods.

Indiewatch: Ittle Dew - A Fun Zelda-Esque Adventure

In order for a game to be covered on Indiewatch, it must fit into the following criteria: This week we are taking a look at the adventure puzzle title Ittle Dew.The plot to Ittle Dew isn't that bad and has a bit of a twist that you don't quite see coming.

Twirlbound's Action Adventure Title Pine Gets Kickstarted

Indie developer Twirlbound's Kickstarter campaign for action adventure title Pine received full funding today.The campaign reached its $100,000 goal with just under two days to go before the campaign's end.

Alwa's Awakening Review: A New, Yet Familiar Take on the Classics

The gaming community has no shortage of homages to classic games; as such, Alwa’s Awakening’s slipping somewhat under the radar for most gamers isn't entirely surprising.There is the slight problem with enemies respawning in the exact areas you killed them in, similar to classic games.

5 Reasons Why Telltale Should Make a Gorillaz Adventure Game

Since releasing its The Walking Dead series, Telltale Games has skyrocketed in popularity.These animated characters have their own unique design, and it would fit very well with Telltale’s own game engine.

Why The Sexy Brutale is a Masquerading Puzzle, Adventure Game You Should Be Playing

An adventure puzzle game, The Sexy Brutale is a zany title that has quickly made a name for itself.A wonderfully dark mystery, The Sexy Brutale takes players on unique and interesting adventure filled with intrigue and plenty of plot twists.

Indiewatch: Anodyne - A Masterweird Zelda-Esque Title

Welcome to Indiewatch, a series where every Friday, we take a look at a good, yet unknown, unappreciated, and overlooked indie title.In order for a game to be covered on Indiewatch, it must fit into the following criteria: This week we are taking a look at Anodyne.

Will We Get More Info on Visceral's Unannounced Star Wars Game on May the Fourth?

In fact, ever since the game was confirmed to be in development we have not really heard anything about the game.So what exactly do we know, what do we still need to know, and how likely are we to even hear about this game on May the Fourth?