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StarBreak Fire Forest walkthrough

Following the tutorial, your first real taste of the game will be the Fire Forest, which hides its fair share of secrets and can be tough for new players.For any variety, the best way to take them out is to utilize the Fire Forest terrain, hanging out at the edge of outcroppings and firing from above or below.

Addiction Unlocked: When Achievement Hunting Goes Too Far

I've been known to jokingly tell my friends "Don't talk to me until you have at least 10,000 Gamerscore.Now don’t get me wrong -- it’s not as serious as any real addiction, but it certainly does impact my gaming habits.

Overwatch Trophy and Achievement Guide

Overwatch is filled to the brim with unlockable sprays to leave your mark with, many of which can be obtained through completing the trophy (PS4) and achievement (Xbox One) challenges.So, to help the cause, we've compiled a list of every Overwatch trophy and achievement with some tips on how to snag some of the most elusive sprays.

Torment: Tides of Numenera complete achievement list

Who ever would have thought that almost two decades after Planescape: Torment took the gaming world by storm, we would finally get a sequel?It may be set in a wholly different universe that leans more sci-fi than fantasy, but Tides of Numenera still offers all the delicious oddity you could ever want from a Torment title.

Final Fantasy 15: Full List of Trophies and Achievements

Final Fantasy XV has been out for some time now and many fans still haven't seen and done everything in the game.Going for Achievements and Trophies can help in this regard, as they act as a way to not only guide you to a game's secrets, they can add longevity and replay value.

How to Get Every 8-Bit Bayonetta Achievement

And if you’re up for more than just enjoying Platinum’s pixelated take of the gun-toting witch, then you’re in luck, because here’s some surefire tips to get you all sixteen achievements in 8-Bit Bayonetta.This achievement goes hand-in-hand with the one before it;  just make sure to tap the spacebar to hop back into the 8-bit fight.