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Get A Look At The Cast Of The Warcraft Movie With Eight Character Posters

Promotion for the upcoming Warcraft movie has been slowly ramping up since the film’s first trailer debuted at Blizzcon 2015.Since then, the hype train has been powered by the hot coals of multiple TV spots, an interactive trailer,  and now, a new batch of character posters.

New Warcraft movie posters offer a closer look at its orcs and humans

The official Tumblr for Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary's Warcraft movie got a fresh batch of character posters today, offering fans a closer look at the major orc and human players in the fantasy film's conflict.The posters include Warcraft characters Blackhand (Clancy Brown), Lady Taria (Ruth Negga), Orgrim (Rob Kazinsky), Llane (Dominic Cooper), Durotan (Toby Kebbell), Lotha (Travis Fimmel), Gul'dan (Daniel Wu) and Garona (Paula Patton).

Blizzard finally responds to private server Nostalrius closure

Many people have been wondering as to why the private server Nostalrius, was shut down by Blizzard Entertainment.Allen Brack, World of Warcraft’s executive producer and vice president, finally explains why they handed down the decision to shut down the private vanilla WoW server.

The Fan-Edited Warcraft Film Trailer Is Almost Better Than The Real Thing

The upcoming live-action/CGI Warcraft film has WoW fans everywhere excited that their long-beloved game series is finally getting some light shed on the deep lore of its origins, and its humble beginnings as one of Blizzard Entertainment's first strategy games.While the film looks to be pretty spot on with doing justice to the look and feel of the universe in which its story is set, fans utilized the locales and characters in WoW's game world to re-create the film's trailer scene for scene, beat for beat.

This featurette's getting me excited for the Warcraft film

com released a featurette for Warcraft showcasing the movie's version of the Horde.I'm a big fan of the Warcraft lore.