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Dark Souls Board Game Heads To Kickstarter

This isn't the first time we see a From Software game getting the tabletop treatment.Last month, it was announced that Bloodborne would be transformed into a tabletop game.

Paizo, Creators of Pathfinder, Announce Starfinder

It's not an entirely new setting though -- this is just the fantasy realm of Golarion, the world where Pathfinder games take place, taken thousands of years into the future.They'll be doing what they can to keep that fantasy feeling though, allowing for swords and sorcery to still be viable in a setting where plasma cannons are also a threat.

Worthwhile Tabletop Simulator games that aren't D&D, Pathfinder, or Warhammer

Rather than the formulaic fantasy settings present in many tabletop games, Shadowrun places players in a cyberpunk environment.While not an RPG tabletop game, Settlers of Catan is one of the most expansive and influential board games of all time.

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Revealed -- A New Fallout Tabletop Game

The Fallout series has taken the RPG world by storm on PC, consoles, and even on mobile.Now Bethesda is bringing the series to yet another medium by partnering with Modiphius Entertainment to create Fallout: Wasteland Warfare -- a tabletop game.

Intro Indie: Take a Trip into Norse Mythology with Wartile

One of the many indie games showcasing in the Unreal Engine room at EGX Rezzed 2017 was a new real-time strategy called Wartile.It has been developed by Denmark-based studio Playwood Project and is currently in Early Access on Steam.