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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada Adding Eldar Fleet To Beta Next Week

The beta for the game is currently ongoing, and will introduce a new playable fleet next week: the Eldar.The Eldar are fast and deadly, with highly maneuverable ships that deal serious damage.

Everything You Need To Know About Battleborn In Trailer Form

The Battleborn open beta kicks off on April 8 for PlayStation 4 owners and April 13 on PC and Xbox One.If you’re not sure what to expect, there’s a 12-minute trailer to catch you up.

Watch An 18-Minute Chaos Versus Empire Total War: Warhammer Walkthrough

Thankfully, the Empire of Man isn’t cowed by poisonous hounds and regenerating Chaos Trolls.The following 18-minute video shows a large battle between the two forces.

See Attack On Titan’s Naked Giants In August Release Date Trailer

Koei Tecmo’s Attack on Titan (now the official name), is coming in August.A trailer announcing the release date and platforms gives us a great look at the high-flying action.

A Second Battlefleet Gothic Game Authentically Recreates The Tabletop Original

Tindalos Interactive is putting the finishing touches on its real-time strategy game, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.It’s based on the Games Workshop Battlefleet Gothic tabletop game, but some fans might be interested in a more authentic version that captures the flare of miniatures and a dining room table instead.

Dive Deeper Into The Backstory Of Homefront: The Revolution

By now, most people know that the Homefront series takes a look at what could happen if the United States was invaded and defeated by North Korean military forces.The premise is certainly an interesting one, but many would agree that it wasn't explored thoroughly enough in the first game of the series, 2011's Homefront.

Tales Of Link Brings The Cast Of The Tales Series To iOS & Android

Bandai Namco new free-to-play RPG acts as a "who's who" of the Tales series, and is available now on iOS and Android.Something called the "Seed of Ruin" inevitably breaks the seal, and now heaven and Earth are in jeopardy.

Gears Of War 4 Trailer Reveal Happening Tomorrow Night On AMC

During Fear The Walking Dead's second season premiere tomorrow AMC, at 9 p.EST, a new trailer for Gears of War 4 will be revealed.

Paradox's Dev Diary Explores The Creation of Stellaris' Expansive Universe

The studio has mostly made historical strategy games in the past, such as Crusader Kings, which marks Stellaris as their first game taking place in the future, rather than the past.The video features game director Henrick Fåhraeus and others from Paradox, who discuss how they tackled the new setting, and what players can expect.

Shadow Of The Beast Trailer Showcases Harsh Difficulty And Character Backstory

The action game remake of Shadow of the Beast has received a new trailer, digging into its brutal difficulty and offering backstory on the main character Aarbron.Known for its unforgiving difficulty, Heavy Spectrum's remake aims to bring back that similar experience.

Kathy Rain Is An Adventure Game About A '90s Motorcycle-Riding Detective

Clifftop Games' Kathy Rain is a point-and-click adventure game about a Harley-riding college girl who has a knack for detective work.Set in the '90s, the protagonist Kathy returns to her hometown to investigate a mystery surrounding the legacy of her deceased grandfather.

Take A New Trip Down Memory Lane With Batman: Return to Arkham Trailer

Batman: Arkham Asylum breathed new life into not only the dismally lackluster crowd of Batman games that had existed up until that point, they also really put a new spin on the ailing and stale third-person action genre at large.When the sequel Arkham City was release a couple of years later, it was a bigger, more refined experience which capitalized on the prowess of the original.

Preview: Clash Cup Turbo - Frantic Air Hockey Fun

Disclaimer: Clash Cup Turbo is currently in a pre-alpha stage of development, this preview does not represent a complete or finished product.In the build I have available to me, there is currently only three of four game modes available -- Elimination, Regulation, and Training.

First Impressions: ESO's Morrowind Expansion Just Might Recapture the Glory of Vvardenfell

When Bethesda first announced that they were bringing Morrowind to the world of ESO, my inner nostalgia monster awoke with a powerful screech.But months later, the blight (sort of) ended when Bethesda revealed that Morrowind would be the next expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Preview: Cloudbase Prime - A Unique FPP Platforming Experience

Disclaimer: Cloudbase Prime is currently in an alpha stage of development.The plot to Cloudbase Prime is interesting and quite different to anything else.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Early Access Preview: The True Battle Royale

The game isolates the group of players in a restriction zone, where you must head to take part in the Battle Royale.It is easier to die in PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS than you may think.

A Look Into the Dark and Brutal World of Hellpoint

We take a look at the demo to find what Cradle Games has in store for players.If you enjoy the Souls games, you will absolutely adore what Hellpoint has to offer.

The Watchmaker, a Puzzle Adventure Against the Clock

There are many interesting and unique games to be found on there and The Watchmaker is one such game.Some unknown being has sabotaged Alexander's precious tower and with it, time has spiralled out of control.

Total War Warhammer 2: An In-Depth Look at the Skaven

Yesterday was an exciting day for Warhammer fans, as the Skaven were officially confirmed as the fourth playable faction in Creative Assembly's Total War Warhammer 2.) After you pass the secret ritual, you get a sneak peek at the in-game intro cinematic for the Skaven campaign that offers some contextual information about the Ratfolk themselves and their overall campaign goal.