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Valve will let you watch Dota 2 games in virtual reality

Its own Dota 2 title, rivaled in popularity as a spectator e-sport only by Riot's League of Legends, will get a VR spectator mode.The mode is teased briefly in a supercut on Valve's SteamVR website of upcoming VR features being added to your "favorite games.

Fallout 4’s next add-on looks like post-apocalyptic Pokemon

The second piece of downloadable content for Fallout 4 launches next week, and based on this new trailer it almost looks like a cross between the Wasteland and Pokemon.Called the "Wasteland Workshop," the biggest new feature in the add-on is the ability to both capture and tame living creatures; that includes not only animals like Deathclaws and cats, but even human raiders.

Gears of War 4 is launching in October

The next big entry in the Gears of War series now has a release date: today Microsoft announced that Gears of War 4 will be coming to the Xbox One on October 11th.The game will be the first in the series not developed by series creator Epic Games.

Watch the blood-spattered trailer for the new Attack on Titan game

Last summer Koei Tecmo teased a project with some exciting potential: an Attack on Titan game from Hyrule Warriors developer Omega Force.While the premise of the anime makes it sound like a great fit for a game adaptation — it's all about sword-wielding soldiers flying around a city killing naked cannibal giants — previous attempts have fallen flat.

How Mickey Mouse ended up in Crossy Road

When tiny studio Hipster Whale created the smash hit mobile game Crossy Road, it did so over the course of just 12 weeks with a team of just three people.But the follow-up, the recently announced Disney Crossy Road, isn't quite so small.

VR space shooter EVE: Valkyrie is coming to the HTC Vive

With the HTC Vive launching today, CCP Games has announced some exciting, though not particularly surprising, news: EVE: Valkyrie is coming to the Vive.No release date was revealed, but CCP says the game will be coming to HTC's virtual reality platform sometime in 2016.

Activision’s grand e-sports plans start with Call of Duty

Vonderhaar — the design director at Treyarch, the studio behind Call of Duty offshoot series Black Ops — had travelled to an event organized by MLG in Anaheim.CEO Bobby Kotick has said that the publisher has "plans to create the ESPN of e-sports.

This hacked Game Boy hides a Raspberry Pi and hundreds of games

From the outside, the device looks like one of Nintendo's 27-year-old handhelds, but its gray plastic shell hides a rechargeable lithium ion battery, a Bluetooth receiver, and a Raspberry Pi.A series of pictures show how the "Game Boy Zero" was put together, complete with new buttons, updated ports, and a new screen — necessary because the original Game Boy could only manage monochrome games.

You can play the new Doom’s beta next week

id Software's long-in-the-works reboot of Doom doesn't launch until May, but you can finally get a taste of it next week.As with most betas, this early taste of Doom will be focused on the multiplayer portion, with access to two maps and two game modes ("team deathmatch" and "warpath").

Listen to the first song from the No Man’s Sky soundtrack

When people talk about No Man's Sky, the upcoming space-exploration game from Hello Games, they tend to focus on the sheer scale.You can get a taste for that sound with the new song "Supermoon," which the band just released as the first track from the soundtrack.

How to be a great Democracy 3 African president

This guide is written by African presidents in Democracy 3 with numerous of death threats and assassination experiences who were trying to make their country great again.Democracy 3: Africa was released recently by Positech.

Political Animals: The video game for the 2016 election

A turn-based strategy game called Political Animals will release to the public before the 2016 US election in November.The PC game is an election simulation game that uses cartoon animals to portray candidates.