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Blizzard Issues Cease And Desist To Unauthorized WoW Vanilla Server

The group running the Nostalrius “vanilla” server says its internet service provider has received cease and desist notices from the publisher’s United States- and France-based attorneys.The group behind the effort says it will continue to provide the means for players to create their own servers.

Blizzard shuts down popular fan-run “pirate” server for classic WoW

One of the most popular "pirate" servers for World of Warcraft, running a classic version of the game no longer offered by Blizzard, will be shutting down under the threat of legal action from Blizzard.The Nostalrius servers had been in operation for about a year, running version 1.

Blizzard finally responds to private server Nostalrius closure

Many people have been wondering as to why the private server Nostalrius, was shut down by Blizzard Entertainment.Allen Brack, World of Warcraft’s executive producer and vice president, finally explains why they handed down the decision to shut down the private vanilla WoW server.

World of Warcraft Private Server Debacle Remains Ongoing

These other means, which are illegal private servers not hosted by Blizzard in any way, have always co-existed with the retail version of the game, but have recently actually begun to rival it.One such private server, Nostalrius, was a progression server for the vanilla version of the game, meaning the version before any of the expansions were added.