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6 Minecraft 1.10 Mods You Should Download Today

These are a few mods you should download for Minecraft 1.Of course, being Minecraft, you can mod the game for your own personal enjoyment.

10 Awesome Minecraft 1.10.2 Seeds for Builders and Explorers

Every so often—usually during major releases—Minecraft seeds will completely change.Below is a list of 10 of the most beautiful and unique seeds I've played through under Minecraft's newest 1.

Things we love: Back to school Minecraft bookbags and pencil pouches

But you don't have these Minecraft backpacks.While you're at it, here's some Minecraft pencil pouches, too.

The Best Minecraft Skin Creators

That’s why we present you with the list of the best online Minecraft skin makers for PC/console users and another one that can be used for your Pocket Edition on your phone or tablet.SuesCraft’s Easy Skin Creator is probably the easiest and the most convenient Minecraft skin maker on the web.

Get Famous with These Minecraft Celebrity Skins

what is appealing about nudity in Minecraft's pixelated format?Nope, the most searched-for celebrity Minecraft skin this week was none other than.

When is Minecraft Going to Die?

The question is, will Minecraft ever die?The franchise of Minecraft is too lucrative, as it is entertaining and creative, not to stay alive for generations to come.

Using Minecraft to Help Kids Learn Video Game Design

At VisionTech, this game is being used in an effort to better teach them about the concept of video game design.The camp teaches how to design a simple game in Minecraft, using in game elements as their overall interaction with the environment.

How to Make Glazed Terracotta in Minecraft 1.12

The latest snapshot is already available, which includes a possibility of crafting a new type of block -- glazed terracotta.) Here is the full rundown of how you can make glazed Terracotta in Minecraft.

Minecraft PC 1.11+ Multi-Mansion, Multi-Village SEED!!!

Not only that, there are no less than 40 Villages too!From Diamond horse armor in temples to Iron Ingots, Iron Swords and more Diamonds, you will not be disappointed.

8 Minecraft Survival Island Seeds To Test Your Skills

Think you have what it takes to tackle a survival island seed?Important note: these seeds were all tested in Minecraft's Windows 10 edition (which is very similar to the Pocket Edition).

If You're a Minecraft and Pokemon Lover, You Need to Check out the Pokefind Server

Launched in February, PokéFind is an exciting vanilla Minecraft world where players can find, catch, and battle Pokémon.Here's how to log onto the server: Upon logging into the server, players are encouraged to install a custom resource pack.

Minecraft Adds New "Minecraft Marketplace"

1 Discovery update to Minecraft will allow players to create, download, and interact with one another's creations for the very first time.Available across Windows 10 and mobile, the update allows users to more efficiently purchase user-generated content using new Minecraft Coins via in-app purchases.

Mark My Words: The Minecraft Marketplace Will Normalize Paid Mods

Now Minecraft mod creators are getting their chance to be paid for their work.1 Discovery Update for Minecraft will launch with the Minecraft Marketplace.

How to Tame a Parrot in Minecraft 1.12

12 introduced a new kind of non-hostile mob -- parrots.This is the second mob in Minecraft, along with the chicken, that drops feathers after being killed.

Minecraft Cross-Play Beta Launches Today (Here's How to Join It)

The new Minecraft update that everyone has been waiting for is finally here -- well, sort of.The Minecraft Cross-Play update is now in an open beta period, but only Windows 10 and Android players can experience the beta for right now.

Everything You Need to Know About Minecraft's Better Together and Graphical Updates

Here's everything you need to know about these big changes and how they might affect your Minecraft game.The Better Together update is going to be changing a lot -- including whether or not your version of the game will continue to be supported.

Minecraft 1.12.2 Coming Out on PC Soon

The independent PC version will be receiving its full 1.13 update, but 1.