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PlayStation Plus Free Titles for July

Sony announced the free games PlayStation Plus users will receive for July 2016, as well as free early access to the multiplayer battle arena title, Paragon.Sony just announced the six free games PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive for July -- and they're throwing in a free early access bonus for Paragon.

Chinese mobile game Sepia Go! rips off Splatoon

Here comes the latest Chinese knock-off: Sepia Go!A new mobile game named Sepia Go!

6 Minecraft 1.10 Mods You Should Download Today

These are a few mods you should download for Minecraft 1.Of course, being Minecraft, you can mod the game for your own personal enjoyment.

10 Games You Can Finish In Just One Weekend

These 10 games can easily be completed within the span of just a single weekend.You can complete any one of these ten games in just a single weekend!

5 Video Game Soundtracks For the Hero In Everyone This Summer

With the dog days of summer looming, here are 5 video game soundtracks that appeal to the hero in every gamer.So why not line up some great video game music for all of your summer activities?

God Eater: Resurrection Beginner Tips and Tricks

The latest installment in the God Eater series of action RPG video games from Bandai Namco -- titled “God Eater: Resurrection” -- is out now on PS Vita and PS4.This is an updated version of the God Eater Burst game for PSP that connects the stories of God Eater Burst and God Eater 2.

Inside Looking To Be One of the Greatest Games of 2016

Indie puzzle-adventure game Inside is already being described as one of the greatest games of 2016, if not of our generation.2D-puzzle adventure game Inside comes out on the Xbox One tomorrow (and on PC July 7th), and the reviews are already rolling in.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Red Brick Locations Guide

Trying to find all 25 red bricks in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens?After a moment, a guy in the background will build a ship out of the pieces and take off, dropping a red brick for you.

Twitch Chat Now Comes with "Cheering" Microtransactions

tv's introducing a new microtransaction called "Cheering", where viewers can gift "Bits" to's blog revealed a new feature to their popular streaming website, called "Cheering".

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle Pre-orders End Tomorrow

If you missed your opportunity to get a PlayStation VR Bundle, you have one last chance.PST, will be the last window for you to pre-order a PlayStation VR Bundle.

Pick up Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak for 50% off on Steam this week

Whether you are a fan of the original Homeworld or a newcomer, getting this title at half off is a great deal Gearbox Software's latest game -- Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is on sale for 50% off on Steam.It's all part of the Steam Summer Picnic Sale going on right now.

The Girlfriend/Boyfriend, Friends, and Family guide to Raiding

This is what you show people when you can’t explain what raiding is without sounding…well…dorky!So just pass this article to your special someone, friends, or even your parents, and let us take care of the rest.

DOOM's First Post-Release Update Adds Photo Mode, Classic Weapon Placement Option

The first update for the new DOOM will include a new Photo Mode, as well as the option to place the weapon in the center of the screen.In addition to general improvements and fixes for various bugs, the update includes two big additions -- a Photo Mode for taking in-game screenshots, and an option to place the weapon in the center of the screen, in a nod to the classic games in the series.

Nintendo Is Looking For Someone With Video Game Engine Experience!

If you’re looking for a job at one of the most well-known video game companies in the world, Nintendo is looking for someone with experience with game engines.The job position is a Software Engineer position and states that they’re looking for someone with experience with existing video game engines like Unreal Engine 4.

Zero Time Dilemma Review: It's About Time

This, coupled with the fact that the final installment of the Zero Escape series was thought to be cancelled for over a year, meant that fans of the series have a lot to be worried about.When these episodes take place is uncertain until they've been completed, whereupon you're shown where they fit into the game's branching flowchart.

The Technomancer Abilities Guide - Everything You Need to Know

Here's a rundown on all of the Technomancer abilities in this Mars-based RPG.There are essentially four trees of Technomancer abilities.

No Man's Sky Finished, Release Date is Set

The upcoming space exploration game No Man's Sky was finished yesterday, to the delight of development team Hello Games and the game's huge following on Reddit.The game is finally finished and ready for mass production.

Guild Guide: How to help your guild get better at any game

I've talked about how to help your guild get better at World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV.So before you start worrying about the group doing better, take the time to make sure that you're doing well.