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Kingdom Hearts Unchained X comes to North America

Today was a great day for Kingdom Hearts fans everywhere, because Square Enix finally made Kingdom Hearts Unchained X available in North America.After nearly a year of waiting, the announcement came from series creator, Tetsuya Nomura, along with this artwork: Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, originally released in Japan for PC and MAC OS, serves as a prequel to the Kingdom Hearts series, where players join a guild and traverse various worlds to discover the origins of the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Rocket League Collector's Edition releases July 5, with 4 new cars included

A collector’s edition has been announced for the popular car soccer game, and it includes three of the previous DLC packs, along with 4 new cars.The Rocket League Collector’s Edition will be available at retailers on July 5, and GameStop has already listed the game for pre-order at the price of $29.

SMITE Team Builder Series starting April 10th

On April 10 -- this Sunday -- the Team Builder Series (TBS) will allow SMITE players to show off their talent to potential teammates.It is designed for solo SMITE players looking to find teammates that can help them take that next step into amateur and potentially pro SMITE play.

Telltale announces new survival game, 7 Days to Die

Telltale has released details about its upcoming survival game, 7 Days to Die!After teasing fans for a while on Twitter they announced that the game will, in fact, be ready and out during June of this year for both PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Sciencing the Shit Out of Quantum Break's Zero State

Could the Time Stop bubbles in Quantum Break actually exist in real life?That’s the stuff of science fiction; there is no way for us to travel through time, right?

Quantum Break collectibles location guide: Acts IV and V

The final two acts feature even more narrative objects, Chronon upgrade sources, and ripples to wrap up your Quantum Break achievements!Keep in mind that due to the branching story nature of Quantum Break, specific text and images in the collectibles may change depending on which choices you make.

Guild Guide: How to split your guild

How do you turn one guild into two (or three, or more) in the most efficient manner possible?So let's get into the gritty details of what it means when it's time to split your guild.

Rally is Dirty with Dirt Rally - Dirty Through Work

As Dirt Rally is now out on Xbox One and PS4, I thought it would be a good time to dive into what makes it so great.I asked him how he would describe Dirt Rally in 4 words.