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How to Find and Beat Nosk in Hollow Knight

Since its release in February, Team Cherry's Hollow Knight has already garnered thousands of downloads and positive reviews on Steam.There is a little hideout just beside the elevated platform in the center of Nosk's lair.

Applications for the SIEGE Investment Conference Have Been Opened

If you've been looking for a chance to get some big name companies investing in your projects, a solid opportunity has presented itself.This year in Atlanta, at the 7th Annual SIEGE Investment Conference, video game producers will be able to pitch their ideas to a board of 40+ judges, who will decide whether or not their project is worth investing in.

First Video App Announced for Nintendo Switch

Dwango has announced that an app for Japanese video sharing and streaming service Niconico -- a service Japanese game companies often use for announcements and events, such as Tokyo Game Show -- will be available on Nintendo Switch on July 13 via the Nintendo Switch eShop.When the Nintendo Switch first launched, it had no video app support, with the company saying that they would "come in time.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Trophy Guide

Guerrilla Games, who developed this new IP for Sony’s flagship console, was previously most well-known for Killzone -- a first-person, twin stick shooter franchise.Most trophies for this game are made available as you progress through the story, but completionists will need to complete side quests and challenges if they want to earn the coveted Platinum trophy.

Brawl Stars Beginner's Guide Tips and Strategies

And its newest game, Brawl Stars, looks like it will continue the company's mobile legacy.As of now, Brawl Stars is only available in Canada -- and the developer has not yet stated when the game will be playable in other servers.

New Creatures and Bosses in ARK: Survival Evolved Ragnarok DLC

Instead, you have to snatch an ice Wyvern egg from a nest, hatch it, and then imprint the baby Wyvern.You'll want a flying mount to hunt ice Wyvern eggs, with the Griffin in particular working well (see below).

Two New One Piece Games Announced

The newest issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump Magazine has revealed that One Piece, the immensely popular manga and anime series by Eichiro Oda, has two new games based on it currently in development.The first game, titled One Piece: Grand Cruise, is in development for PlayStation VR.

Is Jump's Netflix-Style Indie Service Worth Your Money?

You might not have heard of the new subscription service called Jump.It's being marketed as a "Netflix for indie games", offering a plethora of games for $10 a month.

Oxygen Not Included: Farming Tips and Strategies

To begin, you must research Farming, which unlocks the Compost, Planter Box, and Algae Terrarium.The plants that can be grown from farming include Mealwood, Bristle Blossom, Sleet Wheat, Pincha Pepper, and Thimble Reed.

Paladins Introduces New Hero and Map

First-person shooter/multiplayer online battle arena hybrid Paladins has just gotten several big reveals from developer Hi-Rez Studios at DreamHack Valencia.These announcements include a new champion and map, some gameplay updates, and even a little treat for fans who tune into Twitch streams of the tournaments happening at DreamHack this weekend.

The SMITE Team Announces Project Olympus

The Executive Producer of SMITE, Chris Larson, commented on Project Olympus, saying: "We’ve taken several key changes to gameplay, user interface, and overall progression and combined them into one massive overhaul that we are calling Project Olympus, Project Olympus is full of big changes that SMITE fans have wanted for a long time, and we are excited to deliver on these requests as we take SMITE to a whole new level.Here's the rundown of what's been revealed as part of Project Olympus so far: Last but not least, several Tweets posted during the patch notes for Patch 4.

Portal Knights' Major Update Hits Steam Store

This is the first major update since the game left Early Access.Developed by Keen Games, Portal Knights is an action RPG and sandbox where heroes craft and fight their way to victory against powerful opponents.

Nippon Ichi Software To Announce New Games at 25th Anniversary Press Conference

On July 15, Nippon Icchi Software will host a special 25th Anniversary live stream press conference.Additionally, there will also be special guests and discussion about upcoming events during the live stream.

How to Make Invisible Platforms Appear in Crash Bandicoot

If you've been playing the new Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy, you've no doubt at some point seen what looks like a round platform made up of wireframes.

The Division 1.7: Commendations Guide

7 also introduces Commendations (previously called Feats), an in-game achievement tracker.Though Commendations are live on The Division’s Player Test Server, not all of them are present; Massive states that there will be over 500 commendations when 1.

Unturned Germany Map Guide: Best Locations

The most recent update for Unturned has introduced a whole new official map -- Germany.This is by far the best location on the entire Germany map in Unturned.

Pokemon Go: 1 Year Ago vs. Now

Though the idea started as a simple collaborative prank, sparked the idea of Pokemon Go that would eventually grow into the game we know today.To say Pokemon Go's launch period was turbulent would be an understatement.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy: The Lost City Walkthrough

Eventually, you'll come across some hanging bats and a horde of swooping ones.Crate shown above before continuing your climb, as it'll make some otherwise invisible boxes tangible and, more importantly, breakable.