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Absolver Guide: All Cairn Locations

This guide will tell you where to find every cairn in the game.Turn right, follow the path, and the cairn will be on your left.

Destiny 2 Guide: What to do at Max Level

When you reach max level, your next goal is to increase your power level by obtaining stronger gear.The current max is 300 power level and gear will usually drop at the same level or higher than what you have currently equipped with some exceptions: Rares and Legendaries can actually break this cap, but your overall power level must be at least 10 levels higher.

Monster Hunter Stories Beginner's Guide: Tips for New Riders

If your or your Monster's HP drops to 0, on the other hand, you won't faint or be put out of commission.Rather, you'll jump right back on your feet with full health but lose one of your party's hearts.

Magic: The Gathering – Commander Karador Deck Tech

For Karador, flip Nissa is a fantastic alternative to cards like Farhaven Elf or Wood Elves.If you're not familiar with the combo, here's how it works with Fiend Hunter (also, you should be running Fiend Hunter).

Absolver Guide: How to Join Another School

Joining a Fighting School is one of the fastest ways to learn new fighting techniques -- however, the number of moves you can learn from each School is limited, which means you'll need to move from School to School if you want to expedite the learning process.We've already covered how to join a Fighting School in Absolver, but it may not be entirely obvious how you'd leave and join a new one after you've mastered that School's Combat Style.

WoW 7.3 Guide: How to Get the Biletooth Gnasher Mount

This of course means new loot to grind the hours away for, one of the cooler looking drops being the Biletooth Gnasher mount.Just find and kill Vrax for a chance at the Biletooth Gnasher.

Destiny 2: World Eater Raid Exotic Quest Guide

At this point, it is heavily suspected that the upcoming Leviathan raid is tied into the Await The World Eater exotic weapon quest.Starting the Await The World Eater quest  After getting all five comm items to randomly drop over time, the quest list on the side of the screen will reveal your next step is to "Await The World Eater.

Final Fantasy XIV Players Raise $21,510 for Hurricane Relief

For close to 12 hours on September 9th, 2017, hundreds upon hundreds of Lalafells invaded the Siren server of Final Fantasy XIV and caused some chaos.The goal was to raise awareness and money for hurricane relief.

Nintendo of America Explains SNES Classic Stock Shortages

The SNES Classic is in short supply, much like the Nintendo Switch and NES Classic systems were when they first launched.Around the world, SNES Classic systems are selling out as soon as new stock arrives.

Reaching for Petals Review: A Lovely Walking Sim with a Few Thorns

Developed by Blue Entropy Studios, this game has you unravel the memories of your own life in semi-interactable environments.As you might have discerned from the description above, Reaching for Petals' story is primarily told through memories.

Destiny 2: Complete Exotics List and How to Get Them

With a level cap of 20, Destiny 2 is all about raising your power level through better and better equipment drops.In this Destiny 2 guide, we're going to go over all the exotic weapons and armor that you can acquire in-game and how to get them.

Top Drives Beginner's Hints and Tips

Taking the tabletop card game Top Trumps to the next level, London-based developers Hutch Games and super car website EVO recently released a mobile card game that draws clear inspiration from the family-favorite card game.The game is called Top Drives -- and as the name might suggest, it's primarily aimed at car and racing enthusiasts.

90's Platformer Inspired Griff the Winged Lion Launches Campaign on Kickstarter

The original crowdfunding campaign began around this time last year, but it was unsuccessful.Other features of the game include: Griff the Winged Lion is slated for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in late 2018 or early 2019.

Monster Hunter Stories Review: To Steal a Monster Egg

When Monster Hunter Stories was announced in Japan, my regular hunting partner excitedly messaged me on Discord to share the trailer and their hopes for its localization.If you've ever played a Pokemon game, then you'll likely feel right at home in Monster Hunter Stories.

The Best Build Order for the Avenger in XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

With the recent War of the Chosen DLC expansion for XCOM 2, several new structures are available for construction on the Avenger.This has been leaving many players wondering about the best build order for the Avenger and its structures.

ARK's Aberration Looks Amazing, But Is It Worth Picking Up?

The launch trailer for this expansion looks pretty sweet, but a lot of players are wondering if the Aberration DLC (which will cost $19.It came out during ARK's Early Access phase, which was a pretty controversial move.

Battle Royale Mode Coming to Fortnite

Earlier today, Fortnite developer Epic Games announced a new mode that will be coming to the early access game this month.Dubbed Fortnite Battle Royale, this mode is a new take on the battle royale genre -- much like PUBG and H1Z1.