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This Week in League of Legends eSports: Summaries and Highlights from the EU and NA LCS Playoffs and the LCK Playoffs

This week, Summoner’s Rift bore witness to the ultimate victor of the 2016 LCK summer season.This week saw the conclusion to the LCK Summer Season, and fans were not disappointed.

Underlord - coming to Dota on August 23rd

On August 23rd, 2016 the final original hero who is known as 'Vrogos, the Underlord' will finally being added to Dota 2.Unfortunately, we were unable to witness a cheesy backdoor attempt using the hero's teleport, Dark Rift, to teleport his team to an invisible Broodmother lurking the Radiant base.

How to unlock every hidden fish in AbyssRium

From Tap My Katamari's North American release to the new mobile hit AbyssRium, idle clicker games are more popular than ever.AbyssRium in particular is a very beautiful, calming experience that allows you to take your time unlocking everything.

Pokemon GO Super Effective Files: Dragonite Spotlight

This week's Super Effective Files continues the Pokemon GO spotlight with Dragonite.I'm going to go over what makes Dragonite so great, and list the moves available as well.

Concept Art Reveals Cancelled Epic Mickey Racing Spin-Off

The Epic Mickey series may have been short-lived, with only three games under its belt.Titled Epic Disney Racers, it would've most likely been a similar project to the Mario Kart series -- taking various Disney characters and putting them into a crazy kart racer.

World of Warcraft Legion: Artifact Weapon Appearances Guide

There will be a separate guide to show the hidden appearances.The requirements to unlock each appearance is the same for every weapon, except for the hidden appearances.

Pokemon Go Cheating and Bans Update

Whenever the system founds out that a person is cheating, Niantic will send the user stating the termination of the account.Prior to this update Niantic developers only apply "soft bans" towards cheaters.

Things we love: Pokemon Go aim assist

We all have trouble with our aim from time to time.With these Pokemon Go aim assists, you’ll never miss again (unless the game glitches, of course).

Using Video Games as an Aid for Mental Illness, Not as a Crutch

If you look online for information on how video games affect mental illness, you’re bound to find sites claiming to link depression to playing video games.This stance is understandable though, because video games are usually seen something apart from reality -- something that can be used as a crutch rather than a healthy outlet.

Mario Makes Surprise Appearance at Rio Olympics

As the Rio Olympics came to end yesterday, the flag was handed to Japan -- with help from a certain portly plumber.In a video sequence during the closing ceremony, Super Mario appeared alongside Japanese cultural icons like Captain Tsubasa and Doraemon as he scrambled to make it to the Rio ceremony from Japan.

Cat Girl Without Salad: Amuse-Bouche Review: The Myth, The Legend, The Living Joke

Then there are games like Cat Girl Without Salad: Amuse-Bouche, which started life as an April Fools joke.The impossibly complicated screenshot was nothing more than a joke, but nonetheless, people began clambering for a real version of Cat Girl Without Salad.

Rocket League Championship Series is Back!

The Rocket League Championship Series is back with Season 2, and the prize pool has been increased from $75,000 to an incredible $250,000.Anyone interested in competing either from Europe or North America can sign up for free from August 24th via the Rocket League website.

Lightspeed Frontier On Kickstarter Needs Your Help!

Lightspeed Frontier is a game on Kickstarter which is going to appear at PAX West 2016 in the indie megabooth from September 2nd to the 5th.Ahead of it's appearance during PAX West, the dev team have made a wonderful Kickstarter page to help get it funded.

Mods That Will Actually Make No Man's Sky a Good Game

Let's face it -- No Man's Sky, while fun, impressive, and beautiful, is not exactly what we were expecting.Luckily for PC players, modders are already on the scene, helping to smooth over some of No Man's Sky's rough edges until official patches, updates, and fixes can come out.

September will be 'Nindie' month for Nintento eShop

With PAX West right around the corner at the beginning of September, Nintendo wants to make sure that every one has the opportunity to see games that indie developers worked to make.” The games will be discounted at 10 percent during the week of their release.

You Can Now Stream Blizzard Games on Facebook

The update allows all players to stream live gameplay directly to their Facebook pages.The update was originally meant to go online in July, but had some minor technical setbacks that led to delaying the update's functionality to this week.

Now You Can Catch Pokemon 100% of the Time

Amidst the height of Pokemon Go's popularity, the Pokemon Go GamePress page discovered a new and nearly foolproof technique for catching pokemon almost 100% of the time.Dubbed the "L-throw", the name depicts the literal action of sliding a finger on a smartphone screen in the shape of an 'L'.

10 Things You Might've Not Known About Super Mario 64

In fact, Super Mario 64 only ran in 32-bits.Speaking of the GameCube, there was an early tech demo in 2000 for it titled Super Mario 128, which showed off 128 Marios running around a circular board.