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Re: Legend Kickstarter Campaign Reveals Final Stretch Goal

After earning more than $353,000 and reaching its Magnus Breeding stretch goal, Re: Legend, the monster raising JRPG developed by Magnus Games through the Square Enix Collective, has revealed its final stretch goal: "End Game +".In addition, more details were revealed on Magnus breeding and the dynamic music which will be featured in the game.

ProjectMQ: A Platform Built for the Indie Game Community

This is much more than a social platform dedicated to indie games.It’s a thriving community of indie fans and indie developers that seeks to educate as well as elevate.

How Gameplay Can Be Used to Shape A Game's Narrative

Many games have a disconnect between what happens when you're playing and what happens during cut scenes.At its worst, scenarios exist where one second you're an invincible killing machine and the next you're a fragile weakling that could be bested by the most basic adversaries.

Telltale Games Announces Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman: The Enemy Within for Nintendo Switch

Superhero fans and Switch owners may be glad to learn that Telltale Games recently confirmed they will be releasing Guardians of the Galaxy and Batman: The Enemy Within for the Nintendo Switch.This news came to fans in a Tweet from the official Nintendo of America account: In Telltale's signature style, both games are episodic, with five episodes planned for each.

West Of Loathing Reboot Hill Puzzle Guide

One of those puzzles has you guessing the name of a ghost's granddaughter in the zombified Reboot Hill, located northeast of the Railroad Camp and southwest of Breadwater.Out of a 25 possible names to work through on all the Reboot Hill grave stones, that leaves the possibilities at Magdalene, Melissa, Pamela, and Patricia.

How to Get the Asula Set in Black Desert Online

In a recent update, another such un-enhanceable accessory set was added to the game: the Asula's Crimson Eye set.You acquire each Asula's accessory the same way you get most things in this game -- by ripping them out of a monster's cold, dead hands (or claws).

West Of Loathing Walkthrough: Complete Boring Springs Prologue Guide

Before chasing down necromancers and would-be emperors, West Of Loathing has your stick figure cowpoke starting out as a lowly traveler first getting a taste of the adventurer's life in Boring Springs.We want to make sure you don't miss one single element of the entire Boring Springs prologue section -- and there are a lot of things you can miss!

Quake Champions Characters And Abilities

You'll want to pick up a six pack of energy drinks before installing, though, because Quake Champions is as insanely fast-paced and as twitchy as you'd expect.The game is using an interesting model that has fan opinion split -- you can either play Quake Champions completely free on full release, or you can buy the game in order to automatically access all Champions from the start.

Former Valve Writer Potentially Reveals Plot of Half Life 3

The gaming world is abuzz after beloved industry writer Marc Laidlaw, famous for his work on the Half Life series, posted a fictitious letter to his blog yesterday.The letter, titled Epistle 3 and utilizing code names which are humorously conspicuous, details a potential plot line for video gaming's most infamous vaporware.

Dauntless Guide: How to Get Pungent Hides

Created by former developers from Riot Games, this co-op action title will pit players against monumental quests and formidable creatures.Some of these creatures, Behemoths in particular, will drop materials that you can collect and use for crafting or upgrades.

How to Repair Weapons in Fortnite

When this happens, your first instinct will probably be to search for how to repair weapons in Fortnite -- but that's not going to go so well.Unfortunately, your options for keeping that weapon indefinitely are pretty limited, as there is currently no way to repair weapons in Fortnite.

Dauntless Guide: Where to Find Broken Bicuspids

In Phoenix Labs' Dauntless, players must work together to bring down hulking monsters and complete grueling quests.In this short Dauntless guide, we'll give you the rundown on everything you need to know about obtaining Broken Biscupids.

Square Enix Announces Secret of Mana Remake

In a recent press release, Square Enix announced that it's remaking the highly acclaimed RPG, Secret of Mana.Set for launch this coming February for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Steam, this remake will feature "modern visuals and sound," along with some other unspecified gameplay enhancements.

Everything You Need to Know About Minecraft's Better Together and Graphical Updates

Here's everything you need to know about these big changes and how they might affect your Minecraft game.The Better Together update is going to be changing a lot -- including whether or not your version of the game will continue to be supported.

All Horizon Zero Dawn Pops and Where to Get Them

And on November 10, Horizon's most recognizable characters will be joining the multitude of other video game characters in the collectible lineup.Fans of Horizon Zero Dawn won't want to miss having these adorable vinyl decorations.

Madden 18 Not Installing? Here's How to Fix It

Go to any forum and you'll see reports of players not being able to install Madden 18.An important thing to know before going forward is this: Madden 18 downloads and installs in sections.

Elder Scrolls Online Guide: The Ultimate Dragonknight Tank Build

There is an argument to be made that you should just find the skills, gear, and etc that suit your playstyle and have fun with the game.However, other players like finding builds online because someone's done the boring, frustrating legwork for them to optimize their utility.

How Extensive is the Dark Knight Nerf in Black Desert Online?

Currently, Black Desert Online's only endgame activity is PvP.And one of the most common complaints about class balance is with regards to the dominance of Dark Knights (DKs).

War Wings: Beginners Guide to Combat

Combat in War Wings relies on a mastery of the on-screen controls and an understanding of how and win to use a variety of different view and tracking modes.There are three different ways that you can track your opponents across the skies in War Wings: God view, Jager, and Padlock.