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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Playstyle Guide

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands offers a huge variety of missions in various locations that can be approached from many angles.This guide will help you identify the correct playstyle, choose the right type of weapons, and let you know how to use them in the field.

Pixel Piracy Review - Land ahoy! Land ahoy! Land ahoy!

What I am mainly referring to is hinted at in this review’s title -- the speech mechanics of the pirates.The captain yelled, “Land ahoy! Great New IO Game

Besides being a game with an odd name, Moomoo.A pretty standard io game idea, but the execution is anything but standard.

Indie Gaming On A Budget: Hollow Knight Or Night In The Woods?

So, you just got $20, and you're torn between buying two recent indie games, Night in the Woods or Hollow Knight.Overall, Night in the Woods is great if you're looking for a slower paced, story driven game to play.

Retrowatch: Wolfenstein 3D - The Granddaddy of FPS's

Today we are going to take a look at the granddaddy (at least one of them) of the FPS genre, Wolfenstein 3D.If you are looking for a title with a story you can get absorbed in, then Wolfenstein 3D may not be what you are looking for.

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey Review

The plot of Atelier Firis is simple and lighthearted, as with most other games in the series.The overall goal is simple but the plot paves the way for the largest and most open Atelier game yet.

Rocket League Volleyball-like Mode "Dropshot" Coming Soon

Arriving on March 22nd, "Dropshot" is Rocket League's latest update.In standard fashion, Rocket League is taking its own spin on well known sports, and now it's turning attention to volleyball.

Rocket League Volleyball-like Mode "Dropshot" Coming Soon, Competitive Season 4 Starts

Arriving on March 22nd, "Dropshot" is Rocket League's latest update.In standard fashion, Rocket League is taking its own spin on well known sports, and now it's turning attention to volleyball.

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Might Be the Best Film-Based Game You'll Ever Play

At PAX East this weekend, Big Star Games, in conjunction with Lionsgate, announced Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days -- a top-down shooter for PC and Xbox One.Feeling a lot like Hotline Miami, without aping Devolver’s 2012 release, Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days isn’t as fast paced as that title.

How to Use the Sniper Rifle in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

The role of a sniper in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands attracts players who like clearing enemy territories from a distance.Every sniper rifle in Ghost Recon: Wildlands is designed around seven features that are displayed in the Loadout screen.

Sony Set to Add PS4 Games to PlayStation Now Streaming Service

After three years of providing PlayStation gamers with a robust catalog of last-gen games, Sony is finally bringing PS4 titles to its widely popular PlayStation Now streaming service.Currently, the $20 per month cloud-based application only supports PlayStation 3 games, such as Bioshock Infinite, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, and Resident Evil 6.

Where & How to Farm Machine Cores in Nier: Automata

One such item found exclusively on your second playthrough (and later) after finishing 2B's first storyline is the machine core.Although listed as a crafting material, machine cores don't appear to actually be a usable item, but rather are a material meant for selling to make a quick buck.

HyperX's Premium Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset is Out in Stores Today

The Revolver S, which has a $149.99 price tag, sports Dolby 7.

Tickets for PAX Australia Are Going on Sale Today

Now that we've wrapped up another exciting year at PAX East, there's yet another Penny Arcade event just around the corner -- PAX Australia (AUS).And tickets are going on sale today.

Quake Champions First Impressions: Bethesda Deftly Reloads the Classic FPS Series

The combat in Quake Champions fits like an old glove (Quake III Arena?But what Quake Champions understands is that a triple-A FPS can have all that and still heavily rely on player skill.

Styx: Shards of Darkness Review - You Can't See Me Rollin', You Hatin'?

Well Styx does, and while Styx himself isn't all that serious, he does have his moments.Which, is not an issue in a game like Styx.

Introducing the New G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by Logitech

With the help of some of the world's leading eSports athletes, Logitech are pleased to announce their latest gaming keyboard, the Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.The keyboard features Logitech's exclusive Romer-G Key Switches.

Rend Sets Bold Vision to Redefine Survival RPGs

Wrapped up in a related ball is a system of skills and talents allowing for customization and specialization both for personal enjoyment and for your faction's success.In many survival games your base is always vulnerable.