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The Rocket League Mini Pull Back Cars from Zag Toys Are Pretty Cool

Some have criticized this tactic, saying Zag Toys are attempting to get as much money as possible via pester power.From the screenshots available online, the designs are pretty faithful to Rocket League, so this isn’t a cheap knock-off attempt at merchandise pushing.

Ever Oasis Review: An RPG Baked into a Town Management Sim

Since this game is kind of an odd mash-up, let's review the town management and puzzle RPG portions separately, shall we?That's about the extent of the town management in Ever Oasis.

The Tenth Line Review -- Not Quite Your 90's RPG Nostalgia

The Tenth Line is heavily inspired by PlayStation RPGs of the 90’s, such as the Final Fantasy titles of that era.And the "Story" mode is recommended for players who are more interested in the story than the gameplay.

BDO: What's Inside the Gift Letter of Repayment?

The Gift Letter of Repayment is the latter.Each 10 levels, you are granted a milestone achievement congratulating you on your progress -- and with each of those 10 levels (up to level 50) you get a Gift Letter of Repayment.

Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer Review - Is It Worth the Price?

Diablo 3 fans have waited too damn long for something resembling an expansion, and we finally got it with Rise of the Necromancer.If you're the competitive type, you can also fight for the top rank on the leader boards.

How to Connect and Activate Nodes in BDO

You cannot activate a Node unless it's next to one that's already activated.If this is your first time dealing with them, finding active ones is easy enough: Towns always act as active Nodes.

New Ni No Kuni II Information Details Higgledies and Kingdom Mode

The official Japanese website for Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom was recently updated with brand new information regarding some of its new features, including Higgledie Leaders and Kingdom Mode.According to this new information on the website, here's what players can expect.

Steam Summer Sale 2017: 5 Best Dungeon Crawlers Under $10

The Steam Summer Sale is here again.If you're a fan of dungeon crawling, you're in luck with this year's sale.

Remember Gunbound? You May Want to Try Mobile Clone Gungun Online

Luckily, a mobile clone known as Gungun Online is available on Android and IOS.Speaking of taking content from Gunbound, Gungun Online uses the same art style and even reuses specific artwork.

Pocket Mortys: Guide to Winning the Morty Games

Welcome to the Morty Games!In most battles you absolutely need one Morty of each type to counter the other Mortys, with leftover points used towards items.

Pocket Mortys Combat Survival Guide

Taking classic Pokemon gameplay and injecting the show's typical dark humor, Pocket Mortys has you taking on the role of a Rick.When exploring dimensions filled with enemy trainers, you need to be picking up new wild Mortys to increase your options at the Morty Daycare.

No One in The Industry Wants to Admit VR is a Gimmick

Getting fully immersed in a game via VR has been a fantasy for almost as long as gaming has existed.This includes games like I Expect You To Die, Rick and Morty VR, and the like.

Coatsink Announces Augmented Empire With an Impressive Vocal Talent

On July 13, Coatsink will be launching a tactical cyperpunk RPG exclusively on Samsung Gear VR (powered by Oculus) with Gear VR controller support, called Augmented Reality.Let's take a look at what we know about this upcoming VR game so far.

On/Off Review: Give Your Brain a Challenge!

This little gem of a game has been around to download from the Apple App Store since 2013.However, the difficulty levels of Hard, Harder and Hardest rather than Easy, Medium and Hard, should give you an idea of the difficulty level of the game!

Drifting Lands Review -- Shmup Stirred, Not Shaken

Thankfully, Drifting Lands is a shmup that falls into the latter category thanks to combining unique genres and mechanics into something that is both satisfying and memorable.From the beginning of Drifting Lands, you can choose among three ship types: balanced, fast and squishy, or slow and tanky.

How to Get Sulfuric Acid in Factorio

Once you move onto nuclear power generation, sulfuric acid is used in the mining of raw uranium.Being able to make sulfuric acid is not an easy task so have a read of this guide and then have a go yourself.

Fate Grand Order Beginner Tips and Tricks

Fate/Grand Order is a mobile game that combines traditional turn-based RPG battles with a Card system.Noble Phantasm is your Servant's special attack.

What's the Best Vehicle in Hill Climb Racing 2?

Which cars are the best in Hill Climb Racing 2?It certainly does look stylish, but is no match for the all-round durability of the super jeep.

The Complete Guide to Oil Processing in Factorio

You need oil processing to use: Basic Oil Processing, Chemical Plant, Lubricant, Oil Refinery, Pumpjack, and Solid Fuel from Heavy Oil, Light Oil, and Petroleum Gas.In order to gain access to Science Pack 3, in addition to oil processing, you also need to have completed research in Sulfur Processing, Plastics, Fluid Handling, Advanced Oil Processing, Coal Liquefaction, Flammables and Flame Thrower.