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Nioh DLC, Dragon of the North, Launches Next Week

Just when you thought that peace is finally restored in Japan through your brave efforts in completing the original campaign.we now begin to hear troubling rumours that the One-Eyed Dragon is secretly gathering spirit stones, setting a stage for more unrest and mayhem to take hold.

Slime Rancher - How Do Gordo Snares Work?

Pink Gordos (pictured above) also give most of the same rewards as any other Gordo Slime would once it explodes.There are some newly introduced Gordo Slimes which can be created from Gordo Snares and currently cannot be found in the wild, including Hunter Gordos (smaller Hunter Slimes pictured above) and Crystal Gordos.

What's New and Different in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe?

One of the benefits of playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe over its predecessor is the massive character roster.Whereas the original Mario Kart 8 had you slowly unlock its 30 character roster -- while 6 others were later released as DLC -- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has its entire roster of 42 characters unlocked from the start.

The Sexy Brutale Walkthrough - How to Solve the Murder of Tequila Belle

The fourth victim you need to save is Tequila Belle.The clock is still ticking, so hurry eastward and go to the storage closet in Tequila Belle's dressing room.

How to Level Up Your SWTOR Companions Faster

Getting companions to max influence with your primary character -- as they also reach level 50 -- isn't as difficult as it might seem.It's important to note that your companion's influence rank is a threshold.

How to Use ReShade with PUBG

Today I'll be breaking down how to use and install ReShade in PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.Before getting started you should first check to make sure your computer can already run the game itself without issue, as applying this may affect performance.

Crash Arena Turbo Stars Beginner Tips and Tricks

These parts -- and vehicle type, change battle significantly.There are also skills and other things you can unlock, so I decided to make this guide to help out anyone just getting into the game.

Dawn Of War III Eldar Tips and Strategies

While only kicking off with three factions in the base game, Dawn Of War III (reviewed on GameSkinny) features a wide range of tactical options within those factions.First and foremost: Eldar units tend to have much higher requisition costs than the other two factions, so you want to keep them alive as they are more costly to replace.

How to Easily Get the Competent Negotiator Trophy in Persona 5

It should be warned, that this Persona 5 trophy can be a slight pain in the arse to get thanks to the fact that it is heavily RNG based.The Competent Negotiator trophy itself is rewarded to you upon successfully rescuing one of your characters once they have been taken hostage by an enemy unit.

Skyforge - How to Initiate Adepts

In Skyforge, you might have seen the tooltip “Awaiting Initiation” when managing your adepts.If you are seeing this message, then it means you already currently have the maximum number of adepts: 8.

Prey Free Weekend Impressions: Get Stoked For This Game

Fair Warning: There are spoilers below, so if you want to experience the shocking opening yourself, stop reading right.Only something's not going right.

10 Star Wars Heroes and Villains We Want in Dice's Battlefront 2

EA Dice may have promised a lot coming to the next installment Star Wars Battlefront 2, but there are still some unconfirmed heroes and villains we want to get the full Star Wars experience.Coming to the small screen in two Star Wars series, Grievous got more time and became a fan favorite.

EGX Rezzed 2017: Interview with Phil Elliot, Project Lead for the Square Enix Collective

This is done through the Square Enix Collective initiative.To start with, please could you explain the Square Enix Collective to our readers.

Remove Airline Passenger Is the Perfect Mix of Fun Gameplay and Serious Social Commentary

Notably the game's name is incorrectly spelt on the main menu.Which is odd considering the flight is seemingly already in-flight judging by the clouds in the background, but who are you to question Divided Airlines?

EGX Rezzed 2017: Interview with Phil Elliott, Project Lead for the Square Enix Collective

This is done through the Square Enix Collective initiative.To start with, please could you explain the Square Enix Collective to our readers.