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GTA V Online Will Soon Receive New Multiplayer Mode, Minivan, And More

A new vehicle and new adversary mode called Inch by Inch are coming to Grand Theft Auto V Online next week.In celebration of this addition, a plethora of bonuses are available right now including discounted weapons and double GTA$ rewards.

Rockstar Games announces new content coming to GTA Online

However, the team is back in action and looking forward to adding new features to the online chaos that is GTA Online.This new update will introduce contraband trafficking to the list of available missions in GTA Online.

GTA Online Cunning Stunts coming soon!

Tuesday, July 12 will bring more than just Amazon Prime day, it will also bring a new GTA Online add-on called Cunning Stunts.The add-on will feature new races and challenges featuring crazy and over the top ramps, loops, and even bowling pins.

GTA Online Smuggler's Run Guide: Motor Wars Mode

The latest update for GTA Online, titled “The Smuggler’s Run,” added a new adversary mode to the game called Motor Wars.” However, in Motor Wars you play in a team of several players against other teams.