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[Update] Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer Is Out, Setting A Very Different Tone

Update: Disney and Lucasfilm have released the Star Wars: Rogue One trailer, and it's a doozy.As dark and dire as the main entries have been, they don't come close to the gritty, desperate tone set by our first look at the upcoming film.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X comes to North America

Today was a great day for Kingdom Hearts fans everywhere, because Square Enix finally made Kingdom Hearts Unchained X available in North America.After nearly a year of waiting, the announcement came from series creator, Tetsuya Nomura, along with this artwork: Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, originally released in Japan for PC and MAC OS, serves as a prequel to the Kingdom Hearts series, where players join a guild and traverse various worlds to discover the origins of the Kingdom Hearts universe.

Find Out What BB-8 Has In Common With NASA’s Mars Rover

Disney posted a video today of BB-8 visiting the NASA Jet Propulsion laboratory to meet Maggie, a Mars rover.Curiosity photographs the terrain on Mars, surveying the landscape to find out if it was ever capable of sustaining life.

Speculation About The Dark Side Of The Force In Star Wars: Rogue One

The excellent teaser trailer for Star Wars: Rogue One paints a fairly complete picture.We don't know for certain he's a fleet admiral, but the insignia on his uniform lines up with Star Wars' expanded universe lore.

Nintendo's Digital Downloads

Check out the latest digital downloads from the eshop Check out the latest downloads from the Nintendo eShop.Disney Art Academy is available for purchase now even though it's release date is May 13.

Disney closes down production of Disney Infinity

Having dealt with a massive fall in figures last year, a decision to cease production of the game has been made.Writing today on the Disney Interactive blog, John Blackburn, GM of Disney Infinity, says: By now you may have heard the news that we have made the difficult decision to discontinue production of Disney Infinity.

The 8 Best Worlds of Kingdom Hearts

The Destiny Islands show up in a number of games, but they’re only playable in Kingdom Hearts.Timeless River of Kingdom Hearts II, accessed through the Hall of the Cornerstone in Disney Castle, is a cleverly-designed world.

The Death of Disney Infinity Could Mean There is a Chance for Marvel vs Capcom 4

With the end of Disney Infinity comes an inkling of hope for fans of Capcom's Marvel vs Capcom series, as Disney has stated that they will be looking to outsource their intellectual properties to other video game companies.While there are no definites in this situation, the announcement might mean that there is a chance we could see some iteration of Marvel vs Capcom in the future.

Fans have made a Star Wars game approved for Steam, but will it be released?

Fan made Battlefront 3 remake has been approved for Steam release, but will it ever come out?Last year, Star Wars Battlefront 3 was released, and it was met with mixed emotions.

Concept Art Reveals Cancelled Epic Mickey Racing Spin-Off

The Epic Mickey series may have been short-lived, with only three games under its belt.Titled Epic Disney Racers, it would've most likely been a similar project to the Mario Kart series -- taking various Disney characters and putting them into a crazy kart racer.

Kingdom Hearts 3: Sword in the Stone World Confirmed?

There are many Disney worlds that people would like to see make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3.As of now, the Disney worlds which are 100% confirmed to be in the game include a Tangled world, a Big Hero 6 world, and the return of Hercules' world as well.

Disney Drops PewDiePie Following Anti-Semitic Posts

But this time around, it's gotten him in trouble with Disney, YouTube, and other sponsors.He claims that the joke was made in good fun, and that he was in no way trying to express actual anti-Semitic views.

PewDiePie Responds to Anti-Semitic Video Controversy

Three days after being cut out of business deals with Disney and YouTube for posting "anti-Semitic" content, PewDiePie (aka Felix Kjellberg) has responded to the recent backlash on his videos.The Pewds admits that the joke he was making was in poor taste and went on too long, saying: But his apology wasn't the crux of the 11-minute response video he posted to his channel yesterday.

Fix That Heartache! Club Penguin Island Pre-Registrations Are Open

The impending closure of Club Penguin got you down?It may be on the way out, but it's being succeeded by a new iteration: Club Penguin Island.