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Game review: Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games deserves no medals

And yet apart from these Olympics tie-ins the only other crossover has been Sonic’s appearance in the Super Smash Bros.The game is divided into three main game modes: a simple role-playing game inspired story mode, a versus mode, and the option to play all the sports mini-games separately.

Beefy Smash Doods' tutorial on how to beat Bayonetta is a necessity for competitive gamers

This has actually resulted in some major competitive Smash Bros.Thankfully, YouTube channel Beefy Smash Doods has released a new tutorial on the weaknesses Bayonetta has in order to level the playing field.

More info released on Corpse Party 3DS and Windows version

Developer XSEED Games has released more details concerning the 3DS and Windows version of Corpse Party, and the Windows version gets a release date.XSEED Games released new information Thursday on two new versions of the acclaimed horror adventure Corpse Party.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force coming to Europe in August

Despite consistent outcry from the Metroid fanbase, Metroid Prime: Federation Force just got a fixed release date by Nintendo of Europe.While Nintendo of America has yet to officially confirm a release date, Nintendo of Europe has stated that the least anticipated Metroid game will be available as of August 2nd, 2016.

Goku totally should have been in the newest Super Smash Bros.

As we all know, Goku was, unfortunately, denied a seat in the Super Smash Bros.Seeing this mod brought back the excitement I felt when I first imagined a world where Goku could fight among the current Smash Bros.

European pre-orders of Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition are getting canceled

Just yesterday, Nintendo fans who had placed pre-orders for Fire Emblem: Fates - Special Edition through the official Nintendo of Europe store received emails stating that they would not be fulfilled due to a lack of availability.We are sorry to inform you that we have had to cancel Fire Emblem Fates - Limited Edition from your order as the item in question is no longer available.

Nintendo's Digital Downloads

Check out the latest digital downloads from the eshop Check out the latest downloads from the Nintendo eShop.Disney Art Academy is available for purchase now even though it's release date is May 13.

These fan-made Pokemon Sun and Moon starter evolutions will put a Pop-plio in your step!

As for the others: Rowlet's final evolution looks very Pokemon-esque and keeps its original typing.While he does stick with the Hawaiian theme, this Rowlet evolution interpretation has a couple of noticeable flaws.

New Splatoon amiibo dioramas looking fresh!

The ink-shooter Splatoon will be receiving not one, but TWO sets based on the Kelp Dome battlefield and a Squid Sisters concert.While both sets include decorative stickers, the Squid Sisters diorama features electronic interactivity, as they connect to your 3DS or smartphone for displaying a concert courtesy of Callie and Marie themselves.

Zero Time Dilemma gets a PC Release

Like other games in the series, Zero Time Dilemma is about the fate of nine participants trapped in a Saw-like "Decision Game" that will determine the fate of humanity.The game hosted by a mysterious person called Zero and the characters must solve puzzles to escape and figure out Zero's identity and find out the truth behind the Decision Game.

Fantasy Life: The Review

I have really enjoyed playing Fantasy Life.There are also so many different ways to play as you can focus on one career or many.