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Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Siege of Dragonspear Soundtracks Released

In addition to being able to score high fidelity versions of the Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear soundtracks in this digital deluxe edition on GOG, the team at Beamdog has taken to the Steam community forums to announce the availability of each soundtrack (separately) at $9.99 each.

Obsidian Entertainment's Daniel Cuatt Profiled

While not specifically game-related, there's a profile of Obsidian Entertainment environment artist Daniel Cuatt on the Los Angeles Times, in which they discuss his time at the Laguna College of Art + Design, how it set him up for success with the work he has done on the free-to-play title Armored Warfare, and how he intends to mentor others with the same interests and passion.A snip:

The Technomancer Gameplay Hours and Resolution Discussion

There's a brief two-part interview with SPIDERS CEO Jehanne Rousseau up on WCCF Tech this weekend, with the topics of conversation focusing on their upcoming RPG The Technomancer.In the first entry, we learn that the game will run at 900p and 30 FPS on the Xbox One: And in the second entry, we learn that it will span 50+ hours' worth of gameplay across the main storyline and side quests:


It makes no sense to me why Dan is so bothered by crowd chants.They pay just as much money as he does to attend and are completely allowed to chant whatever they want.

Might & Magic Heroes VII "Modding in Axeoth" Guide

Aspiring map makers will be happy to see that the official Might & Magic Heroes VII blog has been updated with a guide on how to leverage the new assets included within the Lost Tales of Axeoth content within your own custom-made maps.A little something to get the gears turning:

Evolving CRPGs - Divinity: Original Sin II

Larian Studios' Swen Vincke spoke at this week's London-based EGX Rezzed conference, with the topic of conversation being Divinity: Original Sin II and "how the team plans to overcome the challenges of giving multiple players pen-&-paper like freedom in a story-driven RPG." The entire session was recorded and uploaded to YouTube, and has been included in a lengthy session round-up on Eurogamer.

BattleTech Post-funding Update #26

After what seemed like a short hiatus, Harebrained Schemes is back for a 26th update to their BattleTech Kickstarter campaign.In this entry, Jordan Weisman discusses the challenges of translating the tabletop mechanics to an electronic medium, the design goals that they've set out to accomplish with the RPG, the "rapid prototyping" that's necessary to get a feel for each of its mechanics, and more.

Tyranny Previews and Audio Interview

A fistful of new news regarding Obsidian Entertainment's upcoming CRPG Tyranny has made its way to the web this weekend, starting with an article on PCGamesN that shares information on the game while also quoting game director Brian Heins: Next, we move to a standard GDC-based preview on HardcoreGamer: Before concluding with an audio interview with game director Brian Heins on AM 640 (via SoundCloud).

Sony's Virtual Reality Headset Is Already Pretty Amazing

Don a virtual reality headset, and you’re suddenly able to explore beautiful new experiences, like scaling Mt.I tried several games on Sony’s upcoming virtual reality platform this week.

Review: This Is the Best Ultra-Thin Windows Laptop You Can Buy

In your hands the closed, half-inch thick body could be a petrified notepad, as lithe and paradoxically unyielding as a MacBook Air.That’s in part because like the Air, the Stealth is precision-cut from an aluminum block.

Episode 77: Rethinking Ganondorf, The Importance of Link’s Name, and Tales From Magfest 2016 Featuring Jovi/Rin-Senpai!

Zelda turned 30 this week, Microsoft deemed us not worthy, and our website blew up due to an opinion article.Subscribe To Me On YouTube!

Azaelia and Liopleurodon Join the Team!

We're ecstatic to announce not one, but two new : and!Friendly and welcoming — a perfect fit for Community Leader!

Epic Pets Update: Not Coming In Legion

Last week we that epic battlestones and pets were added to Legion Alpha for testing.There was a lot of great about epic pets.

Restless Shadeling — Pet of the Month: October 2015

It's the Restless Shadeling!The is a wild pet that's one of only a handful of pets with a unique spawn mechanic.

Episode 76: Customizing Link, Metal Gear Sheik, and Caring About More Than The Game ft. PaperBoxHouse and Caleb!

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Episode 74: Twilight Princess HD News, The Fine Brothers Fiasco, and Doing Weird Things For Money featuring Zan!

This week, we discuss the power of the triforce, the fate of loft wings, and the some of the news regarding Twilight Princess HD http://www.gameinformer.

2015 Community Meet-Up at BlizzCon!

Unfortunately, none of our Admins were able to attend BlizzCon this year.—  Friday, November 6 —  From 3 - 4:30 PM (Pacific Time) —  Darkmoon Faire Community Amphitheater (check the tables) Be sure to follow our and pages for updates and announcements as the event draws nearer!

Pet Battle Royale: Perky Pug vs Siamese Cat

Here, we examine a few different battle pets and then you, the WarcraftPets community, vote to determine the winner.2 pounds Reach: 8 inches Hometown: dungeon groups Signature Move: Favorite Food: This matchup could be close.

Legion Alpha: 67 New Pets, Updated Models, and 9 New Tamers

They have three new pets waiting to be adopted, one being a.Enchanters will be in high demand as they'll be able to craft three new pets.

Legion Alpha: Preview of Legion Pet Battle Quests

In conjunction with the many coming in Legion, there will be new Pet Battle quests to complete.It's not entirely clear what the five remaining undefined Pet Battle quests are, however one particular quest might provide some insight.