Legion Alpha: 67 New Pets, Updated Models, and 9 New Tamers

Legion Alpha is now available for testing for some players, and we dove straight into the Pet Journal to check out all of the new possible pets coming in the expansion! Currently there are 67 datamined pets, however keep in mind that many are still works in progress and some might not be implemented at release. Some highlights include a sold by none other than in Dalaran. Will this arachnid come with a tuffet, or is it too itsy-bitsy? Two more familiar vendors will find their way to Dalaran, and from the garrison Menagerie. They have three new pets waiting to be adopted, one being a . It was by Ian Bates (aka: ) that this type of pet is actually a and not a , but it sure is easier to pronounce the latter! Enchanters will be in high demand as they'll be able to craft three new pets. An , and — now all we need is a clock and teapot to round out the cast of . We'll find five pets from drops. An interesting new pet model is , who comes from a rare of the same name. 27 new wild pets have been datamined so far. There's even a from Dalaran. Guess the floating city hasn't been cleaned in a while. Four Legion quests will reward a pet each; two of which use an updated dragonkin whelpling model . Note that older whelplings have not been updated with this new model, but that could change in the future. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are 21 pets still unaccounted for, but we'll just have to wait and see where they pop up! A few pet models are being updated in Legion. Say farewell to the current jagged, polygonal versions of the rabbit, rat, and squirrel. These pets will be getting a much needed in the expansion . The Sprite Darter Hatchling and Magical Crawdad are also receiving small touch-ups, while staying true to the originals. Check out of the pets coming in Legion. We have to wonder though, where is the little moose calf that was during BlizzCon 2015? Hopefully it will be a collectible pet! An expansion wouldn't be the same without some new trainers to challenge. There are currently nine NPCs listed as Grand Master Pet Tamers. One even has a unique title. It's exciting to see upcoming Legion additions and changes. We can't wait to discover more as testing progresses. Stay tuned!

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