Baby Murloc Pet Now Collectible In-Game: Terky

It was recently discovered that a previously unobtainable baby murloc is now available to collect in-game! [] was originally only available during a Taiwan iCoke promotional event. However, Terky's Pet Journal entry was . There was no indication whether or not this pet could actually be collected...until now! Players the drop location of the coveted — an obscure cave off the coast of the in the southern waters of Borean Tundra, Northrend. Traveling through the underwater passage will lead you into a small cave. Don't be fooled by the large pearl sitting atop an alter. The treasure you seek is actually on the ground in a pile of rocks and bones. Looting the will drop a bound item of the same name that teaches Terky. It's a wonder how a single murloc egg made its way into this cave, not to mention how someone discovered this hidden treasure! Nevertheless, it's a wonderful surprise to finally have a readily available baby murloc pet in-game.

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