Elwynn Lamb — Pet of the Month: March 2016

Celebrate this Spring season with a fluffy (soon-to-be even fluffier!) pet — the Elwynn Lamb. The can be purchased from at the Argent Tournament in Icecrown, Northrend. What is an innocent little sheep doing in the cold north? Bringing a bit of Spring to the tournament, of course! The Elwynn Lamb costs 40 , however players can only access the vendor if they have earned Champion status with Stormwind. Participating in the Argent Tournament requires level 77 or higher. Players must progress through many stages of a long quest chain that will lead to collecting Aspirant's Seals, Valiant's Seals, and finally Champion's Seals. Upon unlocking Champion's Seals, players can begin "championing" for a specific faction and earn Seals as well as reputation. Completing each tier of quests requires multiple days and daily turn-ins. Check out this for a more in-depth description of the Argent Tournament quests and dailies. Although this pet can only be purchased directly from the vendor by Alliance characters, the Elwynn Lamb is Bind On Use, making it possible to trade or sell it to players of the opposing faction. It's also possible to obtain this pet as a random drop from a , one of which is the , the BoA reward for queuing and completing a heroic dungeon as one of the needed roles indicated by the Dungeon Group Finder. The Elwynn Lamb is a must-have for any collector. It has an interesting (if not heartbreaking) idle animation — a wolf will sometimes appear, run up to the lamb, eat it and then fall asleep. Unfortunately, there's nothing that can be done to save the little sheep, but don't worry. This pet is a resilient creature and can be resummoned. The Spring season is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Although the Elwynn Lamb isn't new, it will be receiving an updated look come Legion. Talk about extra fluffy and adorable! The Elwynn Lamb makes for a cuddly and versatile, if offbeat, battler. The ability can give you a bit of time to set up a combo or start chaining other abilities. In the case of the Lamb, there are two abilities you’ll want to consider stringing together for a dangerous combo. has a ‘charge’ round before it deals decent damage. Unlike other abilities of this nature, you can attack on the round Chew charges up, with Chew hitting at the end of the round, after both your and your opponent's action. The ability you’ll want to consider for that intervening round is noted favorite . Because of the multiplier Stampede applies and the inexorable nature of that 1-2 punch with Chew, if you start off with Soothe there’s nothing your opponent can really do. Even swapping pets means they don’t really have time to act. The trade-off is that those three abilities is all you get in a moveset, so it’s a bit of a liability unless you’ve got a fairly solid plan in play. The other three abilities used by the Elwynn Lamb can help with that trade. is very straightforward, but it offers a solid filler move. has an additional gimmick, dealing extra damage when the Lamb’s health is lower. This isn’t a great move in concert with Chew, which acts at the end of the round, but it has pretty decent throughput otherwise. The Lamb’s last move, , deals a small bit of healing to the whole team on a cooldown. It’s not much, but its supportive nature is welcome in March. In like a lion, out like a lamb! Check out our forum thread discussion on the Elwynn Lamb and submit your own thoughts on this pet.

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