Legion Alpha: 8 New Pets, Dalaran Updates, and Pet Battle Tuning

A new Legion Alpha build was recently released, and there are new pets! [] There were 8 new pets datamined from the latest Alpha patch. It's still a mystery how we'll obtain them. Two of the new pets will come from professions — (Engineering) and (Archaeology) We're excited to learn more about these new pets, as well as many of the previously datamined ones! There were two notable updates to Dalaran in the recent Alpha patch. We previously how collectors would catch the elusive in Legion. However, the spawning mechanic of this wild pet was changed. Instead of a single spawn within Dalaran's barbershop, players now receive a 5 minute buff when clicking the rug that previously spawned the bunny. Note: The rug will still despawn when it is activated, and will take roughly 10-15 minutes for it to respawn. The buff from the rug, , grants the player the ability to see wild Dust Bunnies in Dalaran. The wild pet is not visible otherwise. Players will usually find a few Dust Bunnies throughout Dalaran. Who knew the entire city was so dusty? Good thing pet collectors will be around to help clean up!   Dalaran received another update to what we previously reported as the . The floating island just outside of Dalaran no longer hosts a tournament area. Instead, three NPCs have replaced the Tournament Announcer and his pet area. The announcer still makes a brief appearance in the form of a quest objective pop up though! , , and — all three are Grand Master Pet Tamers, however only one can be interacted with. Approaching Bodhi Sunwayver will trigger a World Quest, , and you can battle his team for a small reward. He has three level 25 rare quality pets: , and . Currently this bonus objective can be completed multiple times on the same character, rewarding gold, player experience and pet experience each time. Developer Jeremy Feasel has that the ability to complete the quest repeatedly in this manner is a bug and is not intended. Pet Battle quests are still very much in development and not quite ready for official release. Blizzard posted a regarding some Pet Battles abilities that may see some updates in Legion. The proposed changes are for the following. A full list with explanations of tuning changes can be found in the discussion thread. Constructive feedback regarding the above is encouraged and can be posted to the official discussion threads. [] []

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