Legion Alpha: New Pet, Model, and Epic Pets and Battlestones

: Wowhead has datamined more pet additions! [] Joining the (a pet an idea from a player of the same name), another tribute NPC was discovered. and her team of corgis is a nod to , who is a big lover of corgis. There are also three new pet toys: , , and . A new Legion Alpha build was recently released. There's a new pet, new model, and the introduction of epic pets and battlestones. [] Another pet was added to the long list of possible pets coming in Legion. The newest addition, , is a snail proudly carrying a checkered flag. It's unknown where this pet will come from, but if the flag is any indication, we may see a snail race in the future! Along with this new pet, a new model for a was datamined. The falcosauros pet comes in four different colors, and has four larger counterparts in the form of mounts — , , , and . Pet collectors and battlers are no strangers to epic quality pets. These pets are normally found as NPCs and in Trainer battles. However, Legion might bring an end to that exclusivity, allowing players to upgrade their companions to epic quality. The latest Alpha patch included , both a general version and family-specific ones. Using one of these on a battle pet will consume the stone and upgrade the pet to epic (purple) quality. Epic battlestones and pets are still undergoing testing; there is no guarantee that players will have access to them in Legion. Developers are keeping an eye on any constructive feedback regarding this change. Currently, Immaculate Battlestones can be obtained from a , which is sold by a new vendor in Breanni's shop in Dalaran, Draemus. This NPC also sells the , , and . The price for a Mystery Bag is 200 , but this could change during the testing phase. Opening the bag will yield at least one random family-specific battlestone. It can be used on any appropriate pet of any quality and level. Upgrading a pet to epic will increase its health, power and speed stats, but this is subject to change, depending on the effect that this will have on Pet Battles. In response to concerns revolving around the introduction of epic pets to player collections, developer Jeremy Feasel notes that it might be possible for 'epic quality' to have a cosmetic-only effect on pets. Additional testing and feedback is required before any official announcement is made regarding epic pets. We'll have more information and updates as it becomes available.

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