Peddlefeet — Pet of the Month: February 2016

This Lovefool needs no introduction — this month we're covering Peddlefeet! The only thing you'll need to collect is the power of love!...And a handful of . Mainly the Love Tokens. This goblin companion can be purchased from for 40 Love Tokens during the in-game holiday, . There are three main ways to gather tokens: defeat Apothecary Hummel once per day, complete event quests, or farm for Lovely Charm Bracelets. Defeating the holiday world boss, , will reward a on your first kill of the day. Opening this will reward between 5-10 Love Tokens. Hummel will also drop a on your first kill of the event, which starts a quest chain that unlocks the daily quest . Once unlocked, this daily can be obtained from in Orgrimmar or in Stormwind. The quest scales with your level and rewards 5 Love Tokens. In addition to Crushing the Crown, there are two more dailies that also reward 5 tokens each. You can pick up these quests from and in any capital city. The daily from the latter requires a for your faction leader. You can turn in a bracelet to each of the four faction leaders to receive a total of 20 Love Tokens per day. To gather Lovely Charm Bracelets speak with Kwee Q. Peddlefeet and request a . With this item in your inventory, any creature kill that rewards honor or experience will drop a . Turn 10 of these charms into a bracelet to present to your faction leader. You can also turn in the bracelets to the Lovely Merchant for tokens at a one to one exchange rate. Collect and trade in as many bracelets as you want; there's no limit. Celebrate this season of love and friendship with Peddlefeet by your side. Just be sure to watch where he's pointing that bow and arrow. Peddlefeet's moves are heavy on the heart-shaped frills. Rockingest among these is definitely the third slot ability, . This ability acts like , with a charge turn followed by a big hit the next, only with far less panache. Sharing that slot is , which makes for a very tough decision: sustain or burst damage? The first slot offers a couple interesting options as well. You can opt for the no-frills filler , or switch to the AoE move . This decision should be made based on the order you wish to use Peddlefeet, since the damage dealt to each pet remains static. As such, if he's up first Rapid Fire may be the better choice, but if not go with Bow Shot. Peddlefeet's middle slot offers a stun no matter what, but it's another tough choice. You can either use , which is only a stun, or , which deals the same damage as Bow Shot, but offers a 25% chance to stun to boot. In most cases I would choose Lovestruck, just because the low chance stun of Perfumed Arrow means it's pretty much impossible to control. It's less fun that way for some other battlers, so by all means choose the Arrow. Just don't rely on it to stun every time, or you'll be walking away broken hearted. Check out our forum thread discussion on Peddlefeet and submit your own thoughts on this pet.

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