New Epic Pet Battle Stats Coming Post-Legion?

After reviewing player feedback and testing, Blizzard has that epic pets will not be included at launch of upcoming expansion, Legion. However, epic pets seem to still be on the table. An and we've discovered additional data tied to epic quality pets — brand new stats! If you were starting to tire of pets governed solely by Health, Power and Speed, this change is exactly what you've been waiting for. Is Blizzard setting up for an update for the first patch after Legion? Here's the information we've gathered so far... Testing on Alpha revealed that upgrading a pet to epic not only increased Health, Power, and Speed, but it also added an entirely new fourth stat to the pet. We discovered a total of . Each one gives the pet a unique effect and animation. During testing we found that the new stat granted to an upgraded pet is entirely random, creating some... interesting outcomes. Once upgraded to epic, a pet cannot be upgraded again. Better hope that RNG is in your favor when your pet receives its fourth stat, or you might wind up with a gluttonous or lazy pet that's unwilling to battle!

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