Baby Winston In Patch 6.2.3 and WoD Digital Deluxe Retired Soon

Patch 6.2.3 is a very minor patch in terms of pets and Pet Battles. Only one new pet was added, but he's absolutely adorable — it's Baby Winston. [], the bonus gift for purchasing or Overwatch Collector's Edition, was added to the Pet Journal in today's patch. Despite its addition to the Pet Journal, this baby ape is still unavailable and cannot be collected yet. Players that purchased Overwatch Origins or the Collector's Edition will likely receive this pet closer to Overwatch's official release which is set for summer of 2016. It was that the Digital Deluxe version of Warlords of Draenor is no longer available in the Blizzard store. This is significant for pet collectors since the is tied to the Digital Deluxe and Collector's Edition of Warlords. If you're looking to collect the Dread Hatchling, fear not! You may still have a chance in the near future. According to a , a limited time sale will be held at a future date prior to Legion's pre-expansion patch. It's currently unclear if the sale will include the full Digital Deluxe, or if the associated bonus in-game pet and mount will be stand-alone items. Be on the look out for any future announcements and keep an eye on the Blizzard store. You don't want miss out on your final chance to collect the Dread Hatchling!

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