Terky — Pet of the Month: November 2015

We're celebrating Pilgrim's Bounty this month. Instead of featuring the more obvious feathered-friend, we'll be covering a pet that's less enthralled with campfires — it's Terky! is the first un-themed baby murloc that is freely available in-game to all regions. Originally, she was only briefly available through an iCoke promotion in Taiwan. To collect Terky you'll need to travel to Borean Tundra, Northrend. Head south to the Riplash Ruins (55,88 for those that use coordinates), and find the of the largest island. It juts out like a sore thumb, you can't miss it on the map. Find the tallest structure, a tall domed building, and locate the long window that faces directly east. Dive straight down into the water beneath the window. A small ways down you should come across a ledge in the water covered with green seaweed, two red coral, and a broken pillar. There's a crack in the rocks just to the right of the pillar. Swim into this hidden entrance and follow the short waterway up into an open passage that leads into a cave. Don't be fooled by the gleaming pearl resting atop the pedestal in the middle of the room. Terky's is actually hiding behind the decoy treasure, in a pile of rocks, bones and shells on the ground. Loot the egg and you'll have your very own baby murloc! Terky was a wonderful and unexpected addition to the game, and although her arrival was a bit early for Pilgrim's Bounty, we're sure she would still appreciate an invite to the festivities. Just be sure to clarify which "turkey" is the main course. Terky's moves aren't just adorable, they're also unique. Though there's no fight just yet where her inclusion is crucial it's easy to see where that may be the case in the future. The easiest ability to make this case is . Already a clutch move, Terky and her fellow ultra-rare murlocs are the only Humanoids with an ability like this, and is also one of a very few Humanoids that supply the debuff as a result. Terky can even make a decent combo here all by herself with her second slot damage over time ability, . Stampede's Shattered Defenses can turn into great synergistic combos with for other pets, but she won't make excellent use of it all on her lonesome. The rest of her abilities are fairly typical for Humanoids. is a single-turn stun which shares a slot with Stampede. Terky's first slot is either the Humanoid move or the Critter move . Flank has an opportunity for higher throughput if Terky is faster than your opponent and there aren't per-hit damage absorbs to worry about, but her slow speed means that Punch is usually going to be the better selection. Terky is a fairly solid pet overall, though of course she's coveted mostly for her novelty. Murloc pets were exceedingly rare or otherwise expensive before she came along. This is one white egg — and one Terky — you certainly wouldn't want to have for dinner (unless she offered to bring the crescent rolls). Check out our forum thread discussion on Terky and submit your own thoughts on this pet.

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