Legion Alpha: New Skins, Pet NPCs and Abilities, and Dust Bunny Revealed

Wowhead dug straight into yesterday's Legion Alpha patch and discovered what appears to be the long lost sister! [] The val'kyr is a recolored version of the Unborn Val'kyr. An , called "valkiergoldpet". It's unclear if collectors will be able to obtain this golden version, but we can only hope! MMO-Champion also discovered a manafiend that received the gold treatment in the latest Alpha build. [] Similar to the val'kyr, it's unknown if this manafiend will be available to pet collectors in Legion. It would be neat to round out the with a new color. We'll have to wait and see. Even more boss pet NPCs was added to the Legion Alpha. [] Some interesting additions are and . Two val'kyr boss pets will be making an appearance as well, and . It's possible that the latter will use the golden val'kyr skin pictured earlier. With more boss pets means more pet abilities. There were adjustments to a few pet abilities, plus a number of new ones in the patch. [] One particular ability, used by , is reminiscent of Stitches Jr. However, instead of ignoring attacks that deal less than a certain amount of damage, Chromadon will ignore attacks that deal more than 250 damage. We look forward to all of the strategies developed to defeat this boss pet! Last week, Blizzard Watch reported that one of their staff stumbled upon the cleverly hidden while on Legion Alpha. [] This adorable wild pet is tucked away in the barber shop in (new) Dalaran. Clicking on the rug located in the center of the room will reveal all the dust the Magical Broom has swept under there. In the form of a bunny, of course. The Dust Bunny is a level 25 wild pet, and can spawn in as any quality (poor up to rare). It's a single spawn and does not come with a team of two additional pets. Being a wild pet, it can be killed by player attacks and abilities so be careful where you wave your sword! Thankfully, the rug has a relatively short respawn time of roughly 15 minutes. You can resummon as many of these dusty pets as you please, but you can only capture the max number allowed in the Pet Journal (3). Others can step in to battle and collect the Dust Bunny if you are unable to; it is not personal-spawned. This is an adorable and easy to collect pet that you don't want to miss out in Legion. If you're allergic to dust, you may want to take an antihistamine first!

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