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Oculus brings real (and pervasive) data-mining to virtual reality

Critical backlash against Oculus's privacy policy reached Capitol Hill on Thursday, when Sen.) demanded that Oculus and its parent company Facebook answer for the data its new headset collects from virtual reality users.

Train Jam: Onboard the cross-country game jam

I've gathered with nearly 200 others in the restaurant in Chicago's Union Station to witness the kickoff of Train Jam 2016, Wallick's cross-country game jam.Vanaman compares Firewatch to a two-year game jam in which the team learned how to make a game outside of its comfort zone.

EU-US Privacy Shield may not pass muster, according to leaked extract

Leaked extracts from an imminent assessment of the EU-US Privacy Shield replacement for Safe Harbour suggests that a key group of EU data protection authorities will not support it in its present form.Although that rejection would be a major blow for the European Commission, approval by the Article 29 group is not required to implement the Privacy Shield framework.

Adobe patches Flash ransomware flaw that targets Windows 10 users

Ne'er-do-wells could exploit the flaw by sending ransomware to Windows 10 machines.It said in a security bulletin: Adobe has released security updates for Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and ChromeOS.

Elektra is the latest character to join Marvel Hereoes

This is a timely addition to the roster following Elektra’s appearance in the latest series of Daredevil on Netflix.There is also alternative voice choice which has been inspired by her appearance in the Netflix series.

Steam Controller will get a revision

The presentation takes an overall look at their controller and its impact since launch and also highlights some of their plans which include releasing a revised version as far as “look and feel” is concerned.It’s unlikely to change too much and will probably still look like an owl if any changes are made.

In recent test, blockchain brings transparency to notorious credit default swaps

On Thursday, Wall Street’s bookkeeper announced that it had successfully tested blockchain technology to manage single-name credit-default swaps (CDS) among four big banks: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citi, Credit Suisse, and J.The concept of the blockchain ledger was developed and popularized by virtual currency Bitcoin, and on a blockchain ledger peer-to-peer transactions can be monitored by every entity that’s party to the ledger, theoretically resulting in more transparency.

PlayStation 4 System Update 3.50 Is More Than Meets The Eye With Hidden Features

This included a number of features that PS4 owners have been asking for, including the ability to appear offline, but there are some unannounced features that have been discovered as well.As compiled by Engadget through various posts on Reddit, it has been revealed that PlayStation 4 system update 3.

Dive Deeper Into The Backstory Of Homefront: The Revolution

By now, most people know that the Homefront series takes a look at what could happen if the United States was invaded and defeated by North Korean military forces.The premise is certainly an interesting one, but many would agree that it wasn't explored thoroughly enough in the first game of the series, 2011's Homefront.

2112TD - Evil is coming....

in seconds.English 2112TD - Evil is coming.

Gears of War 4 Could Have LAN Support And Bot Supported Training Grounds

Ryan McCaffrey from IGN tweeted out a photo from the Gears of War 4 beta showing that the main menu has “LAN” and “Training Grounds.McCaffrey has since deleted his tweet, but the photo can still be seen via WCCFTech.

OK, panic—newly evolved ransomware is bad news for everyone

And now it's to the point where if you've got files, you're targeted.At least so far, there's also little fear of law enforcement tracking ransomware operators down.

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture PC system requirements

Following the confirmation of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is coming to the PC, we now have the system requirements.The Steam page for The Chinese Room’s PC port has gone live and although it only specifies a release date as “soon”, system requirements have been posted.

Game review: Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games deserves no medals

And yet apart from these Olympics tie-ins the only other crossover has been Sonic’s appearance in the Super Smash Bros.The game is divided into three main game modes: a simple role-playing game inspired story mode, a versus mode, and the option to play all the sports mini-games separately.

Still waiting for an HTC Vive? HTC attempt to clear things up

The HTC blog has attempted to answer questions regarding shipping dates, type of shipping, order in which units are being dispatched, and a few other answers.Unfortunately, the post doesn’t really help customers if they want to know exactly when their Vive will arrive.

APOLAN | APOLAN Reports Increasing Global Adoption of Passive Optical LAN

Based on the report, new trends in building construction and enterprise workplace design are some of the driving forces in passive optical LAN adoption.” APOLAN member companies provided input through direct participation in this BSRIA market study.

All Blacks vs Wallabies Gameplay Video In Rugby Challenge 3

Before Rugby Challenge 3 is released later this month, a YouTuber has now uploaded more extensive gameplay footage looking at a match between New Zealand vs Australia.TheScottishCannon shows a 13 minute long video of a full match in Rugby Challenge 3.

Teaser for Rogue One brings on those old-school Star Wars feels

It’s the first in a set of spin-off movies, and as we learned about a year ago, it’s called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.The first teaser for it landed this morning.

Listen to Nobuo Uematsu music! And to us talk about Nobuo Uematsu music! It’s episode 60! Wow!

Look, I have to make this blog post terrible, because the episode it encloses is so good.Certainly it took longer to assemble than any other episode ever — probably about 10 hours for editing alone.

Epic Gaming Night Podcast | Board Games Table Top & Card Games: Ep. 17 Nazca Games With Emerson Matsuuchi

This week we talk to Emerson Matsuuchi o Nacza game about all the awesome stuff he is working on and designing!We also talk about what we have been playing (Rex, Dead of Winter, & D&D) Thanx for checking us out!