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Square Enix Cancels Free-To-Play Legacy Of Kain Spinoff Nosgoth

Psyonix and Square Enix have announced that the free-to-play Legacy of Kain spinoff Nosgoth is bleeding out.“It is with a heavy heart and an immense sense of sadness that we must announce the end of Nosgoth’s development,” the developer announced today.

Listen to the first song from the No Man’s Sky soundtrack

When people talk about No Man's Sky, the upcoming space-exploration game from Hello Games, they tend to focus on the sheer scale.You can get a taste for that sound with the new song "Supermoon," which the band just released as the first track from the soundtrack.

To power its rocket of the future, NASA turns to 1950s technology

For at least the first, uncrewed flight in 2018, NASA will use an interim upper stage.But Congress has been pressing the agency to settle on a new, permanent upper stage, dubbed the "Exploration Upper Stage," in time for the second launch of the SLS rocket in 2022 or 2023.

Is Hardcore Henry One Of The Best Action Movies In Years Or An Experimental Disaster?

Hardcore Henry, a first-person action movie filmed entirely with a GoPro camera and heavily inspired by video games, comes out next week.Hardcore Henry.

Dark Souls board game coming to Kickstarter this month

The team successfully launched its other game — Guild Ball, "a tabletop medieval football wargame" — on Kickstarter in 2014, raising more than three times the £30,000 goal.As Dark Souls fans, we could not be more excited to be given the honour of developing a board game that embraces everything that makes Dark Souls the deep, compelling game experience that it is.

Romancing SaGa 2 is coming west 23 years after Japanese release, mobile gamers rejoice

After twenty-three long years of waiting, Romancing SaGa 2 is finally making its way outside of Japan.Originally released in 1993, Romancing SaGa 2 was a Japan exclusive until now.

Here’s where you can try out the HTC Vive without spending $800

No matter how many or how many , you can't really understand what the new round of virtual reality hardware is like until you try it.For those without an early-adopting, VR-savvy friend nearby, HTC is rolling out dozens of retail demo stations where you can put the SteamVR-powered Vive through its paces.

HTC is bringing its Vive VR headset to retail locations

and Canada to bring Vive demos to retail.Up to 30 Microsoft stores will get Vive demo units this year.

Biologists start sharing unpublished work—oh, the horror!

Many of them end up eventually appearing in academic journals, although others will spend their entire existence in the arXiv.Until recently, biology hadn't even managed to create anything that Elsevier would want to acquire.

The Jungle Book review: a stunning and emotional game changer

There's no question about it: The Jungle Book is one of the most beautiful movies to come out of the studio in years.The Jungle Book follows the "human-cub" Mowgli (Neel Sethi), who has been living in the jungle among a pack of wolves since he was a toddler.

Microsoft: "We're Ready" For PS4 And Xbox One Cross-Play

While earlier this year the prospects of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One cross-play support came to light, Microsoft was willing to do it and Sony appeared a little hesitant to get involved in the process.However, the possibilities of cross-play have come to light once again.

2016 Video Game Release Schedule

We've pulled together everything we know about 2016's video game releases in one handy location.Robot (PS4) - March 8Jump Tanks (PC) - March 8Kholat (PS4) - March 8Shardlight (PC) - March 8Casey Powell Lacrosse (Xbox One, PS4, PC) - March 9Organic Panic (Xbox One) - March 9Deathsmiles (PC) - March 10Grumpy Reaper (Wii U) - March 10The Guest (PC) - March 10Jewel Quest (Wii U) - March 10Moon Hunters (PC) - March 10Rhapsody - Music & Radio (Wii U) - March 10Spareware (Xbox One) - March 10Upwards, Lonely Robot (PC) - March 10Beat da Beat (PC) - March 11Beyond Dimensions (PC) - March 11Cel Damage HD (Xbox One) - March 11Hitman (Xbox One, PS4, PC) – March 11MagNets: Fully Charged (Xbox One) - March 11Ori and the Blind Forest - Definitive Edition (Xbox One) - March 11Race.

Stellaris dev diary explores the sci-fi setting

The first developer diary for Stellaris has been released, largely focusing on the challenges the sci-fi setting has thrown out for the team.Stellaris is Paradox Development Studio’s first foray into the uncharted wilderness of “things that aren’t based in history”, although as game director Henrik Fåhaeus notes, “I would say that science fiction is history, in the future.

ER docs get heart rate info from Fitbit, save patient’s life

Knowing this detail would determine how the doctors could treat the patient: If the arrhythmia was caused by the seizure, they could electrically cardiovert the patient to alleviate it.The doctors accessed the Fitbit app on his smartphone and found his average heart rate as recorded throughout the course of his fitness program.

BAFTA Game Awards 2016 Winners Revealed, Fallout 4 Takes Top Prize

The full list of winners for the BAFTA Game Awards 2016 have been revealed, and many of the usual suspects ended up taking home even more awards to add to the ones they have been winning recently.The game that took home the coveted best game award was none other than Fallout 4, while Rocket League, Her Story and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture took home 3 awards each.

Dark Souls 3's big news revealed: it's clothing

Yesterday, Bandai Namco teased some big Dark Souls 3 news.That news is clothes.

Both Alan Wake Expansions Are Free Right Now

If you’ve never checked out either of the Alan Wake expansions then now is your chance, as both of them are currently downloadable for free on Xbox Live.Seeing as Alan Wake is backward compatible, you will be able to download through the stores on either Xbox One or Xbox 360.

New Rust Update Adds Female Characters To The Game

While Rust remains in its early access phase, the dev has announced that the long-promised update that adds female characters to the game is now live.We’re not ‘taking the choice away’ from you.

Technomancer 2.0 Digital Wizard Hoodie

You get the same great functionality as the original Technomancer with improved gesture recognition and wiring.WARNINGThe Technomancer isn't for everyone.

Bandai Namco's "Big" Dark Souls News Is A Clothing Line

Last night Bandai Namco teased fans that there was some big Dark Souls news coming soon, though the news is definitely not what some fans expected or even wanted.The announcement is for a new Dark Souls clothing line.