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Watch Us Get Killed By Dark Souls III’s Hardest Boss

If you're still trying to go into the game spoiler free, this video isn't for you, but come back later once you've had a chance to explore the mysteries of Lothric.Want to learn how to get to this optional boss and hidden area?

Hands-On With Thrustmaster’s $200 TMX Force Feedback Wheel For Xbox One And PC

While the gamepad is a good entry point, motorheads have no doubt at least eyed a racing wheel for a more authentic experience.Thrustmaster’s latest, the TMX Force Feedback Racing Wheel, balances features and price.

Legacy Of Kain game Nosgoth cancelled

After a year in development, Square Enix has decided to cancel development of online-only game Nosgoth.It doesn’t look like fans are ever going to get a new Legacy Of Kain game, as multiplayer spin-off Nosgoth is abandoned after a year of being on Steam Early Access.

Alan Wake DLC episodes are free on Xbox

The expansion packs for Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake are now available for free on the Xbox Marketplace.Both are additional episodes building upon the story of Alan Wake.

Games Inbox: Are you excited for Dark Souls III?

Really looking forward to Dark Souls III at the weekend but I don’t understand why it’s been released in Japan three weeks early.Even the reviews were unusually early, which I’m not complaining about but it’s all starting to make it seem like there’s a party I’ve missed out on.

Backstory episode 5: On the Train Jam with Adriel Wallick

This episode is all about the 2016 Indie Train Jam, a 52-hour game jam held each year aboard Amtrak's California Zephyr train line between Chicago and San Francisco.My guest is Adriel Wallick, the organizer of Train Jam and a game developer herself.

Judge rejects $12M Lyft class-action settlement

A deal between Lyft and lawyers representing some drivers, in which the ride-hailing app would pay $12.But Chhabria's calculation of that reimbursement, using the drivers' own methodology, was that it's worth more than $126 million.

FCC: Carrier pocketed $10M in bogus cell phone subsidies

Since 2014, Total Call Mobile (TCM) has requested and received $9.A single SNAP card could be used to enroll multiple ineligible consumers and collect government subsidies, the FCC said.

Dealmaster: Get a Dell Inspiron 3000 desktop with Core i7 processor for $579

Courtesy of our partners at TechBargains, we have a bunch of good deals to close out the work week.Now you can get a Dell Inspiron 3000 desktop with Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM for only $579.

Ossic 3D Audio Headset Is Poised To Revolutionize Gaming, Music, And Film

There have been significant technical innovations in sound over the past five years, with gaming headsets becoming more affordable and therefore widely used.Most use two drivers (speakers), producing stereo or simulated surround-sound audio using Dolby IIx or DTS algorithms.

Listen to the first track from No Man Sky's companion album

It's no secret that Sean Murray, lead developer of No Man's Sky, is a big fan of the band 65daysofstatic.He invited them to the PlayStation Experience in 2014 for a special concert called An Evening Under No Man's Sky, and said he actually built the game to a playlist composed largely of their songs.

US government still pursuing court order to unlock iPhone in New York case

The Justice Department told a federal judge Friday that it would continue to pursue a court order to unlock a seized  iPhone at the center of a New York drug probe.The move comes weeks after the government withdrew a similar request in an unrelated terror investigation in the Southern California county of San Bernardino.

New Game of Thrones clip focuses on Jon Snow and Davos' sword

A new clip from Game of Thrones' sixth season premiere is here and centers entirely on a fan favorite.The scene in question does contain spoilers for those that haven't seen the fifth season.

Psyonix's Legacy Of Kain Spin-Off Nosgoth Cancelled, Servers Shut Down May 31st

Even though Psyonix has been enjoying immense success with their sports game Rocket League, they had a much different project in the works.The game was called Nosgoth, which is a Legacy of Kain spin-off, though it has now been cancelled.

Legacy of Kain spinoff Nosgoth is shutting down

The multiplayer game stemmed from a similar component included in Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun, which was in development at Climax Studios.Square Enix canceled that game in 2012, after which it announced it was spinning off Nosgoth into its own release.

Final Fantasy IV Advance heads toward the light with Wii U Virtual Console release

If you're not tired of being saturated with Final Fantasy IV releases yet, there's yet another one coming.Nintendo has announced next week's Virtual Console lineup in Japan, complete with Final Fantasy IV Advance.

Dark Souls board game planned, kill your friends with a roll of the dice

Snake eyes never hurt so much Western gamers are just days away from the highly anticipated Dark Souls III making its way to consoles and PC.After receiving permission from publisher Bandai Namco, Steamforged is looking to bring Dark Souls to the wonderful world of board games.

Edge of Tomorrow sequel is officially a go

Despite a less than stellar debut at the box office, the sequel to Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt's Edge of Tomorrow has been given the green light, according to Deadline.The movie followed Cruise's character, a military officer, who's brought into an ongoing war against a group of aliens.

Ark: Survival Evolved Xbox One Gets Improved Frame Rate And New Dinos With Latest Patch

Ark: Survival Evolved has just received a new update on Xbox One, which comes with several new bits of content to get excited about.Perhaps the biggest thing that it brings to the table is an improved frame rate, which is something that fans have been requesting for a while now.

Listen To 65daysofstatic's No Man's Sky Song "Supermoon" Right Here

No Man’s Sky will be getting its long-awaited release this Summer, though you can already listen to a song from the game’s soundtrack.The song is called “Supermoon” and is by the band called 65daysofstatic.