Real handgun made to look like Nintendo Zapper

A custom firearms manufacturer in Texas modded up a Glock handgun to resemble a Nintendo Zapper, the light gun that shipped with millions of Nintendo Entertainment Systems in the 1980s.

"We weren't the first to do it, but WOW, this glock turned out good," Precision Syndicate of Midland, Texas posted to its Facebook page on Wednesday. The photos showcase a gun bearing the Zapper's signature two-tone color scheme with red accents, and a Nintendo Zapper logo along the barrel.

It's fair to say the reaction in the Facebook comments is mixed.

Some cracked jokes and asked about the model's availability. Others decried mixing a toy with an actual firearm as tasteless, if not dangerous. Still others said the Zapper itself is so old, and the gun obviously intended for collectors, that it poses no reasonable harm risk.

"I am all for gun rights," said one commenter, "but I certainly hope this one is going in a case somewhere for display only."

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