Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: Do you care about reviews?

Reputable reviewers only – the ones I trust are not influenced by outside parties or have only a limited experience in the gaming world. I dislike reviewers which have a personal dislike for the genre or don’t get it as far as I am concerned, these annoy me so much – It’s like giving a job to someone with the wrong or low qualifications and expecting them to excel at it.

I agree that when GameCentral are reviewing a sports game they don’t personally review it, due to not being sporting game fans. Which of course could make the review invalid and not trustworthy to factor in my judgment of buying the game.

So many reviews from non-reputable reviewers that I have read from national papers or famous random magazines have put me off ever reading them or trusting the column from whence they appear ever again.
Metacritic is interesting, as I always ignore the top 10 and 9 scores unless I know the source and ignore the really, really low scores as these tend to be personal hate vendettas. And if I know the game is nowhere near as bad as that, since I would by now have more knowledge of the game and the fact I would not be looking at rubbish games in the first place. So I’ll look at the 5 to 7 or 8 scores of any source from which I know are trustworthy enough.

So in general I stick to three main game reviewers all the time: IGN, Edge, and GameCentral. They know what they’re talking about and the person giving the task to review them is usually the person who specialises in the genre or a good all-rounder, and would play the game to the end and not only a section of it (you would not review a music album or movie by only watching or listening to a part of it or read a couple of chapters from a book and then make a critical review of it).

Some IGN reviewers will play the game more than once to give the reader various angles of info from the game and Edge, and especially GameCentral, are not scared at all to rate down a game if it goes against hype; as they have a reputation for being honest and a trusted site. Many times a game I was sure I was going to buy ended up not being bought or bought but played with a different mindset. Or I even bought a game I thought there would be no chance I’d be buying.

So yes, I take reviews very seriously and weigh the pros and cons, and go with the average of them. And so far I have not bought a dud yet. We need to support trusted sites and sources as much as possible or we will lose more than our money but also our faith in society in general. So thanks again GC for your unbiased and carefully written previews and reviews, and long may you continue.

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