Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: Do you care about reviews?

It might be a weird thing to say but I think reviews have always been my favourite thing to read from games media. I think it’s because of the anticipation of seeing how a game turns out after all of its build-up, or if it’s a game I have been looking forward to. I even check out the reviews of games I know I have no interest in playing as I’m interested in how a much anticipated game by fans turns out so I can be ‘in the know’, so to speak.

I have always been a magazine subscriber, with my favourite being the defunct PSM3, after which I switched to OPM when it died. I find their reviews to be quite good and trustworthy, along with GC’s – which I say strike the right balance.

I won’t lie and say that I ignore reviews scores as I don’t. If a game gets a score of less than 6 I tend to ignore it, anything above though sparks my interest and I will then to read the whole review then to gauge whether nor not I feel I will enjoy the game.

I also tend to listen to the opinions of specific journalists regarding certain genres. For example, with the racing genre I 100% trust the opinion of former Gamesradar journalist Justin Towell, who has an extensive knowledge of racing games and hasn’t let me down yet.
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