Rumour: God Of War 4 set in Norse mythology, due to launch with PS4K

Leaked artwork appears to show that the next God Of War will move away from Ancient Greek mythology, and could be out this year.

Usually reliable sources are insisting that God Of War 4 is going to be announced soon, and that it will feature Thor, Odin, and the rest of Norse mythology.

The rumours started with serial rumourmonger shinobi602 on Twitter, and then were picked up by NerdLeaks – who allegedly found some incriminating concept art on the website of one of Sony Santa Monica’s artists.

The concept art isn’t entirely convincing though, and could easily be fake or simply long since discarded ideas. And yet the best evidence that all this is true is that the NerdLeaks website is mysteriously down at the moment.

Not only that, but so too is the website of the artist and various online albums where fans started posting the art. All suggesting that someone (i.e. Sony) doesn’t want you to see them.

The other rumour associated with God Of War 4 is that the game will be launched alongside the rumoured PlayStation 4K console this Christmas.

Whether that’s just a coincidence, in that the game was due to be finished around that time anyway, or because it requires the extra power is unclear.

God of War 4 has certainly had a rocky history though, having been rumoured numerous times over the years but never seen or annouced officially. Although back in late 2014, director Cory Barlog did admit it was in early production.

The sticking points have been that the series’ gameplay appeared to have nowhere to go after spin-off God Of War: Ascension in 2013, while amoral protagonist Kratos had increasingly become seen as a liability rather than an asset.

It’s easy to imagine a change of setting being used as a way around these problem, but we’ll just have to wait and see if it’s true…

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