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RE: Tim Powers and Quantum Break fail. So you’re sure the bad reviews are valid, what about the positive ones? It’s currently sitting on 78% on Metacritic, with some sites scoring it an 8 or above.

Personally I’ve been looking forward to the game since the console released and it was a key element in my decision to buy an Xbox One. I am so excited I’ve taken Wednesday afternoon off work.

I’ve always felt strongly about Remedy’s games and loved their storytelling, I just recently replayed Alan Wake for the fourth time and have played through Max Payne and its sequel multiple times.

As much as I love their games I’ll be the first to admit they’re all a case of style over substance. But they’ve all captured my imagination and have been in genres I really enjoy. Playing their games is like re-watching a favourite box set, but I take no offence that their games aren’t for everyone.

More than my concern for Remedy (if you can survive Max Payne 2 and Alan Wake you can survive anything) is my concern for the linear action adventure. I wrote a Reader’s Feature years ago how these games were one of my favourite genres: fabulous pallet cleansers between multiplayer shooters or massive role-players.

The success of games like Destiny and The Division, and especially their long tails, makes me really worried about their future; they’re just not economically viable anymore. I do believe Uncharted 4 will sell well (I’ll buy two) but if it doesn’t that may be the nail in the coffin for one of my favourite genres.

I truly hope you’re wrong and Quantum Break has modest but decent sales. I’d still love an Alan Wake sequel but more over I’d like the linear action adventure to remain a viable genre in high budget games.
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