Star Trek: The Original Series Scarf

Space is, for the most part, really, seriously, mind-blowingly cold. How cold is that, specifically? Well, around 2.7 Kelvin (that's around -455° F if you're looking to set your thermostat). So you'd best bundle up while you're out there boldly going, exploring new life and new civilizations and whatnot. We'd like to recommend you pick up one of these lovely Star Trek winter scarves (in addition to your EV suit - we don't sell those). They come in three flavors: Command Division (Gold), Operations Division (Red), or Sciences Division (Blue). The Operations Division comes with the added thermal advantage that if you're wearing it you're probably also ON FIRE, so bonus! Each has a gold lame division insignia embroidered on one end and rank braid on the other. The reverse is a plain knitted scarf, so if you find yourself in uncharted territory where your Trek-ness might not be appreciated, you can flip it over for a more Neutral Zone look.  

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