Z-Hunter Machete Series

When you're running from zombies and trying to find a safe place to rest, you can't let anything stand in your way. Whether you flee into the swamps, jungles, forests, or city wastelands, you need to be able to clear hanging debris in a hurry - especially when that debris has grabbing arms and hungry mouths. It's for these situations that you need a nice machete. But not just any machete - and really, not just one. You need all the machetes in the Z-Hunter Machete Series!

The Z-Hunter Machete Series are four machetes ready to chop and slice and carve and sever anything that stands between you and survival. That's why we named these machetes: Chop, Slice, Carve, and Sever. Each machete features a full tang blade with a cord wrapped handle and comes with a nylon sheath. Of course, each blade style is unique, so you can make sure you have the right blade for the job. Add all the Z-Hunter Machetes to your gear and you'll be ready for anything the zombie apocalypse can throw at you - even if that is just more zombies.

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