Games Inbox: Did Street Fighter V deserve to flop?

I am still absolutely shocked what a complete flop Street Fighter V has been. The series that invented, then resurrected the fighting game genre now seems to have killed it as well. I guess there’s a certain sense of poetry there, but wow. I can’t imagine this was even the worst case scenario for Capcom. I guess maybe next time they won’t try to rush a game out in order to meet some tournament deadline that only the hardcore care about anyway.

I’m assuming what will happen now is that when the story campaign is ready later in the year they’ll relaunch the game, maybe with the extra characters automatically unlocked. That seems the least they can do really but I think the damage is already done.

It reminds me a bit of Batman v Superman really. It is a bad film, but it’s not as if it’s that bad. But the narrative has been written and now it’s become the butt of so many jokes it’s now taken for granted that it’s terrible. Not fair perhaps, but it shows how important first impressions and marketing have gotten now. Both games and films are becoming hits or flops before they’re even released.

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