Weekend Hot Topic, part 2: What’s your favourite game genre?

My favourite type of games to play follow my favourite type of movies to watch: horror! So I suppose by default my genre of games would be survival horror.

Around the PlayStation 2 era, survival horror was huge and there was plenty of choice, such as Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill 2, 3, 4, Origins, and Shattered Memories; as well as The Suffering and Siren which were all excellent.

It all went a bit awry in the PlayStation 3 era as there didn’t really seem to be much horror on offer, outside of what are considered fairly middling entries in the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series. And we didn’t see much else to appease horror fans.

Thankfully, I think the current gen is doing better with survival horror, as we have had some excellent titles such as Outlast, Daylight, SOMA, and Alien Isolation. All of which I absolutely loved. Outlast and Alien Isolation particularly, as the mechanics of these games dictated that I would jump out of my skin every time an enemy showed up on screen.

Having said that, the genre was shaping up to be much stronger prior to the cancellation of Silent Hills – the P.T. demo was amazing and lots of people I know were buzzing when it was revealed to be Silent Hills. Upon cancellation, I think the scene has dried up a little bit and isn’t quite living up to the potential it could have had.

I do feel that there is hope though, as there is Outlast 2 on the horizon for the autumn, as well as Allison Road – which looks to be a kind of expansion of the P.T. demo. There is apparently another Until Dawn game coming as well, which I know kind of polarised opinion when the original came out but I loved it and hope to love the new one too. So it seems that in the coming months, to paraphrase Pinhead, that our suffering will be exquisite!
Richard Hyde

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