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It’s nice to see a positive response to the weekend Reader’s Feature about invasions in Dark Souls, but I would like to offer my own dissenting opinion.

I didn’t have as much as a problem with invasions in Dark Souls as I did in Dark Souls II – particularly at the dragon sanctuary leading up to the ancient dragon, or in the hall in Drangleic Castle.

I couldn’t do much about the latter, often getting destroyed by five ruin sentinels, eight animate statues, and whomever decided to annoy me at that moment in time.

For the former I eventually got fed up – the gauntlet to the boss was sometimes tough, so being defeated at the end by an invader meant trying to run the gauntlet again, often losing a large number of souls and some humanity. So to prevent further headaches I would systematically clear the area, repeatedly, until no more enemies would respawn.

While doing so I would sometimes be invaded, so to make the invader feel as frustrated as I was, I would lead them to the cliff-side near the bonfire, sometimes waiting for a good five minutes, and then leap to my death before they can land a single hit on me.

Since I died close to the bonfire, nothing of value was lost, and I got some satisfaction due to the schadenfraude.

I was never good at the player vs. player, and since it’s actually completely unnecessary to complete the game I neither see the point in invading, nor do I feel duty bound to humour those who decide to impede my progress and enjoyment of the game.
Joseph Dowland

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