Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: What’s your favourite game genre?

My gaming history goes back to the Spectrum days and nearly always at that time my favourite games were racing of some sort, but they were hideously done in comparison to arcades and the Spectrum’s nemesis the C64. The best racer from memory that I enjoyed was Full Throttle, a motorbike simulation that at least had a bit of speed to it. I also owned Pole Position, which was incredibly slow in comparison, and the best of the F1 simulators was Chequered Flag. Trans Am was a top down car game that was quite fast and frantic at times but not really a racing games, but one I enjoyed.

I then went more than 10 years out of gaming, before coming back into it with the N64 and PS1. I foolishly bought an N64 initially and started to really like first person shooters, especially GoldenEye. I bought a PS1 for the car racing games that the N64 lacked and there were great games like TOCA and F1 97, that had totally OTT commentary from Murray Walker, and of course the Gran Turismo series.

I think the PS1 era was the golden era for me of car racing games, as it took the genre to new heights of realism. I’ve bought all the main versions of Gran Turismo since but doubt I’ll buy another one again; certainly not this current gen. I don’t own a PlayStation 4 and bought a fancy graphics card for my old-ish PC that enables me to play all the current games. Now that No Man’s Sky is coming to the PC I’ve no need to buy a PlayStation 4.

The car racing genre has totally gone stale for me with little in the way of variety aside from different cars and different tracks, or just the same ones with a new lick of paint. In the case of Gran Turismo the only changes I notice are improved graphics and just more cars on track. Not enough for me to want to buy into in future. Forza Motorsport was just more of the same. I’m not sure what would need to change to bring it back. Sales of all car racing games seem to be low these days, with them barely lasting in the charts, so it’s not just me that’s bored of them.

I’ve recently got much more interested in role-players and I’m slowly working my way through The Witcher 3. I’ve got the free download on Xbox 360 of The Witcher 2 to then tackle, a barely played Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and no idea why but I’ve just purchased Skyrim. So I’ve got a lot of gaming to do over the next year or two.

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