Games Inbox: What’s next for The Division?

Since it now seems pretty certain that the PlayStation 4.5K is going to be unveiled at E3, and probably the Xbox One upgrade too, I do wonder what Nintendo will do. A couple of months ago they had a free run to be the only company showing new hardware, and now they’re probably going to get pushed down to third billing even if they’re the only ones with a genuinely new console.

I don’t really see what they can do though. If they announce it after E3 it’s going to be a bit too late to launch this year, and I don’t think they can afford that. I guess they could maybe announce beforehand though. Have a Nintendo Direct in May or early June and basically do all of the E3 type stuff then.

As I understand they don’t have an actual physical event anymore, is that right GC? Do you know exactly what they’re planning? If they’re still going to E3 they could still have all the hands-on stuff, but maybe get people a bit more prepared for what the NX is going to be beforehand. Half the problem with the Wii U was that no-one understand what it was at first and it took a long time to filter down.

GC: Nintendo hasn’t had a physical conference for a few years now. But they do have a press-only hands-on event on the Wednesday morning, and one of the largest stands at E3 in general. We know nothing specific about what they may be planning this year though. It’s a bit early for any of that, especially for Nintendo.

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