Game of Thrones Beanie & Scarf Sets - Exclusive

For the fictional time period in which it's set and how cold it gets in certain areas, it's kind of surprising how few hats and scarves are part of the characters' costumes on HBO's Game of Thrones. A lot of them have hoods. And many of them have helmets. But the plain ol' hat and scarf combination is few and far between. We're going to set up a millinery shop in King's Landing and make a killing. Because of the untapped market, not just because it's GoT and killing is compulsory.

Prepare for the coming winter by adding to your house's coat closet the hat and scarf set for your House. Choose House Lannister, House Stark, or House Targaryen. Each features the house symbol embroidered on a knit cap, plus an elaborate scarf which features the house name and words knitted into the pattern and the house symbol added in a velour-type texture over top.

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